Top 10 CSE Engineering Colleges in India Based on Campus Life, Placements

Nidhi Mishra updated on : 29 Mar 2017

Top 10 CSE Engineering Colleges in India

Ranging from various IITs and NITs to institutes like BITS, MIT and NSIT, computer science engineering aspirants have a multitude of engineering colleges to receive high-end campus education in their field and placements in the best of companies across India and abroad completing their degree.

For all of you who want to be computer programmers, it is crucial to find the right college that can offer a great environment, infrastructure, culture, and support to drive your future career in the right direction and to the best of it. In the field of computer science engineering (CSE), it is important that your college provides an extraordinary campus life as well as placement opportunities for you. However, not all computer science engineering colleges are able to offer it satisfactorily. We will tell you the list of top computer science engineering colleges in india deduce from the top engineering colleges in India that can mould your career right and develop your overall personality. However, before that, let us see some basic requirements in the domain of CSE.

Student Goals while Pursuing Computer Science Engineering:

Many students want to specialise in the area of computer science engineering, as they are interested in developing enhanced computing solutions that can resolve a number of practical problems. Students may want to adopt new technologies and computing methods to come up with innovative products or may want to improve the existing hardware. Thus, effective theoretical developments taking place during their engineering study can lay a solid foundation to the development of newer classes of solutions in their later practical life.

How Students can Become Honed Computer Science Engineers:

Whether it is a knowledge management system, network application, or embedded software, all of it comes under the purview of CSE. Engineering aspirants have a vast choice when it comes to working in the domain of computer science. Ranging from database management and multimedia design to Web development and gaming, they can explore a variety of professional fields after they gain their degree in CSE. While computer engineers are always in demand in all types of industries, it is important that students shape their career properly and become highly skilful before entering their professional life.

Thus, they should be strong at subjects like physics, chemistry, and mathematics during their high school years. While IITs are the most preferred options of CSE aspirants in India, they may also check out other academic institutions that are great at providing the best of infrastructure, computer science faculty, peer group environment, facilities to realise their ideas, and high-quality placement assistance. All these can be the deciding factors to sculpt them into quality programmers. Let us share with you the top CSE engineering colleges in India that offer their students everything, ranging from an enriching campus life to placements in leading companies with high salaries and benefits.

Top 10 CSE Engineering Colleges in India Based on Campus Life and Placement (in no particular order):

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CSE College

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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai/Kanpur/Delhi/Kharagpur/Madras/Roorkie/Guwahati (respectively)


International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hyderabad


Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore


National Institute of Technology (NIT), Trichy/Warangal/Surathkal (respectively)


Delhi Technological University (DTU), Delhi


Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani


Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT), Delhi


PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh


Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology (MNNIT), Allahabad


Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), Manipal

Specialities of the Top CSE Colleges in India:

Computer Science Engineering colleges offer opportunities to students to work on cutting-edge programming projects. Top shots like various IITs have strong computer science programs and ensure placements in top firms, such as Google, Oracle, IBM, TCS, Microsoft, Facebook, and more. On the other hand, colleges like IIIT, Hyderabad and MNNIT, Allahabad, provide a unique world of computer science. These colleges have the USP of low student intake, which lets students study in small and effective groups, ensuring focused training. Students pursue a course that blends computer science with anything they would like.

Ranging from artificial intelligence and semantic Web to human-machine interaction, top institutes offer CSE projects in many promising areas of interest to students. Some of the above-listed institutes have also become the exponents of the technological workforce for vibrant start-ups in India. All these CSE institutes have top faculty in the arena of computer science and have the records of consistent placements. These are renowned institutions for computer science that even go up to the extent of conducting detailed research activity, as happens in IIT Kanpur and IISc Bangalore. The peer groups are also exceptionally bright.

As the faculty in the top CSE institutes is industry-savvy, you can find some of them running their own start-ups. Undoubtedly, they can impart practical knowledge to students and help them with impactful programming implementation. The top CSE colleges have been taking effective steps to create a value-adding environment for students. For example, NIT Trichy has several programming clubs and alumni interaction opportunities for its students. This also gives them good exposure to the latest in the industry, along with a solid theoretical foundation in computing applications.

Students even learn about their professional and ethical responsibilities when they pass out as skilled engineers. Thus, the campus life at these top CSE institutes not only offers a great programming culture and high-tech infrastructural facilities but also provides opportunities for participative learning with the brightest of minds. Such institutions ensure the all-round development of students, rather than making them specialise in their engineering field. Students placed by these CSE colleges in reputed organisations have been able to fetch average starting salary packages as high as 20 lakhs.

While there are various other institutes across India that provide high-quality education to computer science engineering students, we have listed the best 10 per intensive research. Instead of listing only IITs, we have also ensured to provide you with the knowledge of non-IIT institutes that excel in terms of offering a great campus life as well as holding a consistent record of almost 100 percent placement.

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