Top 10 Foreign Destinations Engineering Students Should Look Forward to in 2017

While you may have several choices of foreign destinations to pursue an engineering course, prefer one of the top destinations for 2017, as these places can expose you to an extraordinary learning culture unavailable in most domestic colleges.

Why Engineering Students Opt for Foreign Destinations

It is an aspiration of every student, who wants to pursue an engineering degree, to not only become skilled in subjects like mathematics and sciences but also to be able to solve real-world problems through honed communication, critical thinking, and business skills. Engineering aspirants, who want to be successful entrepreneurs after finishing their courses or who want to join the top multinationals, wish to lay a strong foundation of their career. While there are many top engineering institutions within the country, some students opt to do their courses from engineering colleges abroad.
Students also want to go for foreign colleges because many good colleges abroad offer a different level of teaching and education as well as provide a multitude of research and industry interaction opportunities. Some students are keenly interested in gaining an international outlook on engineering so they can find the top jobs abroad and the best of salaries from such jobs. In fact, there are wonderful engineering colleges abroad focused on carving a career for engineering students that lets them apply their knowledge creatively to deal with the emerging technological challenges in the global scenario.

The Most Appealing Foreign Destinations for Pursuing Engineering in 2017

Whether it is chemical, civil, and electrical or mechanical, IT, environmental, and aerospace engineering, some engineering colleges abroad have been preparing students for a productive professional career. These institutions have been providing the best of infrastructure, laboratories, and research centres to students. Such colleges have not only been offering top-quality education in varied fields of engineering but have also been providing assured placements to students in the world’s best companies or driving them to lead their own ventures.
Check out here the top 10 foreign destinations if you are planning to pursue a course in engineering in the year 2017. Although several engineering colleges in the US and the UK that rank higher compared to some of the listed institutions, we have tried to provide a list of top-ranked institutions at varied destinations across the world. This is done to offer widespread choices of engineering colleges abroad to aspirants. Thus, the given list of top 10 foreign destinations for engineering courses is not in any particular order.

Top Engineering Colleges Abroad 

Top 10 Foreign Colleges for Engineering

Destination Country

Popular Engineering Disciplines

Approx. No. of Students

Approx. % of International Students

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

United States

Computer science, electrical, materials science, aeronautics, aerospace, chemical, civil, metallurgical and materials, mechanical



Stanford University

United States

Bioengineering, chemical, computer science, civil and environmental, aeronautics and astronautics, computer science, electrical



University of Oxford

United Kingdom

Electrical, biomedical, chemical, civil, information, mechanical



Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

United States

Electrical science and engineering, computer science and engineering, electrical engineering and computer science



University of Cambridge

United Kingdom

Electrical and electronics, mechanical, instrumentation and control, information and computer engineering



ETH Zürich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich


Computer science, electrical, information technology



National University of Singapore (NUS)


Chemical and biomolecular, biomedical, electrical, computer science, mechanical, civil



Peking University


Electronics, computer science, materials science, biomedical, aeronautics, industrial engineering and management



Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Hong Kong

Chemical, civil and environmental, mechanical, computer science, electronics



Delft University of Technology


Civil and structural, chemical, mechanical, computer science, aeronautical and manufacturing




Why These Foreign Destinations are the Best Choices for Engineering in 2017

Whether you go for an American engineering college or a Swiss engineering institute, opting for one of the top foreign destinations comes with the advantage of the best education you can have in your field of specialisation. However, it is also important to know the other reasons why these top foreign destinations offer you nothing but the best. Let us see what makes these top engineering colleges abroad truly the cream of global institutions.

• The intense focus on research:

One of the highest points of the top engineering destinations is that these institutions immerse students in the sea of research. These award-winning colleges allow students to participate in many apprenticeships and fellowship programmes while taking them through the best of classroom learning.

• Low student intake:

The presence of innumerable research and industrial interaction activities in engineering colleges abroad is many times possible due to the low student intake in such colleges. While not all colleges follow this practice, some of the top names like California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been quite successful in churning out the best talent due to their low student intake. This happens because colleges are able to offer sufficient resources and great opportunities through focused attention to every student.

• Emphasis on innovation and practice:

The top engineering colleges abroad concentrate on the core strengths of students and offer them abundant resources and innovative opportunities to develop those strengths. The focus is also on creating close collaborations between students and faculty members so students can receive the required support to practice being innovative in the tasks they do. Students in these colleges spend more time in laboratories, fields, and educational events than being ingrained in textbooks.

• Interdisciplinary studies:

A collaborative and supportive culture on the campuses of the top engineering colleges abroad gives them the advantage of deep knowledge sharing among students. While students may belong to different disciplines, the interactive and team-building events held on the campuses can help them identify newer fields of research when they learn from other disciplines. This broadens their field and vision for a future career.

• Careful selection of students and faculty:

The top engineering colleges abroad do not take a chance when they induct faculty members or students. They attract the best talent available in the world by offering the best of resources and facilities to them. While students go through a stringent entrance procedure, faculty members are also great researchers in their fields of instruction. Instead of hiring four average faculty members, such colleges prefer to hire only one who will be the best. The faculty is also given full support required by them to succeed. This further benefits students in the form of optimum knowledge gain.

• Entrepreneurial spirit:

Some engineering colleges abroad stay on the top of foreign destinations that engineering students look forward to. This happens due to their entrepreneurial spirit and innovative research efforts. These colleges motivate students through several extracurricular and educational activities to develop the leaders in them. Students not just receive an engineering degree at such places but also get the topmost exposure to the professional world that awaits them.

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