Top Colleges for BA Economics Hons in Delhi University 2017


Top Colleges for BA Economics Hons in DU

The University of Delhi offers a wide range of courses at the undergraduate level in its affiliated colleges. Starting May 22, 2017, students who have passed their class 12th exam can apply for these courses. One course that is very much in demand among students is the B.A. (Honours) Economics programme. It is a three-year, full-time course that is offered by several BA Economics Honours colleges in Delhi University.

The course lays a strong foundation in relevant areas by imparting learningof topics like Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematical and Statistical Methods in Economics, Econometrics, Indian Economic History and Development, International Economics, and Money and Financial Markets.While many students want to join an undergraduate course in Economics, they are unsure as to which BA Economics Honours colleges Delhi University are the best to pursue it. We resolve this dilemma of students here.

Top DU Colleges for Pursuing B.A. (H) Economics Course in 2017

While there are several BA Economics Honours colleges in Delhi University that can impart strong learning of Economics and its methods, a few colleges actually lead the scene through their outstanding quality of education. We provide you with a list of such renowned colleges that offer enriching courses in the subject of Economics. Please note that the list is in no specific order of importance or preference. You can select any of these colleges as one of your preferences after considering your career goals and academic performance.

Top DU Colleges for B.A. (H) Economics2017

S. No.

Top B.A. (H) Economics Colleges in DU

Approx. Course Fee in INR


Lady Shri Ram College for Women



St. Stephen’s College



Miranda House



Hindu College



Hansraj College



Ramjas College



Shri Ram College of Commerce



Kirori Mal College



Sri Venkateswara College



Jesus and Mary College



Key Details on the Top DU Colleges for B.A. (H) Economics

While there are many BA Economics Honours colleges in Delhi University offering good courses in the subject of Economics, not every college can meet the expectations of brilliant students. Those willing to make a strong career based on the knowledge of Economics should choose the best of institutions offering progressive education. Find out what makes the above-mentioned colleges the top institutions for undergraduate studies in Economics.

  • Lady Shri Ram College for Women: Established in 1956, LSR is one of the leading BA Economics Honours colleges Delhi University. The college has been a premier institute in the country to be imparting high-quality education in Economics to women. There are around 85 total seats in the B.A. (H) Economics course at LSR.Students not only receive a growth-oriented education but also get great placement options. However, the college usually sets high cut-offs for admission in this course.
  • St. Stephen’s College: Operating since 1881, St. Stephen’s is one of the oldest academic institutions in the country and a renowned name for higher education. It is also one of the best BA Economics Honours colleges Delhi University. While the college has a comparatively higher fee structure and admission cut-offs, it is worthy to pursue an Economics course at this institution. St. Stephen’s was initially affiliated with Calcutta University and later with Punjab University. On the establishment of Delhi University, the college became one of the university’s founding affiliated institutions.
  • Miranda House:This women’s college was establishedin 1948 in order to empower women and promote gender equality through effective education and skill development. While the college offers top-quality education in all arenas, its B.A. (H) Economics course is extraordinary, with a great faculty at the teaching end.
  • Hindu College:Another college that stands tall among BA Economics Honours colleges in Delhi University is Hindu College. Founded in 1899, the college offers a lively and liberal environment to students in its Economics course. Students are also providedwith a competitive environment for their overall personality and skill growth. The college has several notable alumni who are renowned names in their respective fields, including the field of Economics.
  • Hansraj College:Since 1948, Hansraj College has been a mark of academic excellence. The college has a strong placement record, as well as a powerful alumni network. The college usually has high cut-offs in all courses, including B.A. (H) Economics. Thus, only brilliant minds collaborate at the reputed institution that also has great faculty and infrastructure.
  • Ramjas College:Built in 1917,Ramjas College is one of the founding affiliated institutions of the DU. Students at this college interact with a brilliant faculty and experience well-equipped facilities to support their learning. Without any doubt, it is one of the top BA Economics Honours colleges Delhi University.
  • Shri Ram College of Commerce: Any student who wants to get admission in the best of BA Economics Honours colleges inDelhi University will seek a place at SRCC as his/her first preference. There is hardly a name in the entire country that can beat this institution in terms of its quality of Economics education. SRCC is a renowned name due to its faculty, which includes the best of industry experts. Most popular and powerful leaders in the field of Economics have graduated from SRCC. Operational since 1926, this age-old institution features record placements in the domains of Economics, Academics, Management, Finance, etc.
  • Kirori Mal College: It is one of the top BA Economics Honours colleges Delhi University. KMC has always maintained its reputation through effective and result-oriented education in the field of Economics. Students who have been not able to get perfect scores can also hope to get admission in thepopular college that is among the finest academic institutions in Delhi.
  • Sri Venkateswara College: Established in 1961, it is a young and dynamic institution for learning in all arenas. The college offers the best of Economics education through its focused learning practices. However, it only has around 48 total seats in this course. Thus, the competition to get admission in this course is also high. You will usually find the course to have high cut-offs that go beyond 95 percent. While the Institute was initially established to provide education to South Indian students, it later removed its reservation for minority and other communities of students.
  • Jesus and Mary College: JMC is one of the best BA Economics Honours colleges in Delhi University. The College follows its own process of admission in this course and it does not follow the common application procedure that is applicable to most of the colleges affiliated with Delhi University. JMC offers cost-effective education but does not compromise in terms of the quality of economics education it delivers.

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