Top Colleges for BA History Honours in Delhi University 2017


Top Colleges for BA History Honours in DU

B.A. (Honours) History is a three-year course that is available full time at various Delhi University colleges. Whether you are interested in Ancient History, Medieval History, or Modern Historyof India or the world, aB.A. (H) course will fulfil your aspirations, as well as set a strong foundation for your future career in the field. While there are several DU colleges that offer this academic programme, it is important for you to know about the best of BA HistoryHonours colleges in Delhi University.

As the university has started its process of application submission for undergraduate courses on May 22, 2017, the knowledge of the top BA History Honours colleges in Delhi University will help you make the right choices and preferences according to your academic performance, as well as your career goals. A good academic institution always helps you learn a subject better through a better learning pedagogy and via a better faculty. Find out about some of the top DU institutions for pursuing a course in History here.

Top DU Colleges for Pursing B.A. (H) History Course 2017

We are providing below a list of the top BA History Honours colleges Delhi University known for their quality of education, academic events and activities, brilliant faculty, and great infrastructure and facilities to support student education. You may explore these choices and find the most suitable ones to make your preferences during the application submission process at DU.

Top DU Colleges for B.A. (H) History 2017

S. No.

Top B.A. (H) History Colleges in DU

Approx. Course Fee in INR


St. Stephen’s College



Hindu College



Lady Shri Ram College for Women



Hansraj College



Miranda House



Sri Venkateswara College



Indraprastha College for Women



Ramjas College



Jesus and Mary College



Daulat Ram College


Key Details on the Top DU Colleges for B.A. (H) History

If you are going to apply soon for the B.A. (H) History course at DU, then the above-mentioned BA History Honours colleges in Delhi University can be among your top choices. Let us give you some more details and key highlights of these colleges that make them stand tall among the rest.

  • St. Stephen’s College:At the time of establishment of Delhi University, St. Stephen’s was one of the three founding colleges that were affiliated with the university. In fact, St. Stephen’s is one of the oldest educational institutions in the country, as it was established back in 1881. Since then, the college has been delivering state-of-the-art education and facilities to its students. The undergraduate course in Historyat St. Stephen’s is one of the best being offered at DU.The high cut-offs prove that the college is among the top BA History Honours colleges in Delhi University that mostbright students prefer.
  • Hindu College: This institution is a liberal and cost-effective option for students who cannot afford high course fees. Hindu College has been operating since 1899. The college has been popular among students seeking admission in History courses. It offers anenvironment conducive to the learning and overall development of students’ personality. The college has produced several notable alumni in various fields that include History.
  • Lady Shri Ram College for Women:LSR is the best of BA History Honours colleges in Delhi University that has been operational since 1956. The college is known for all its Arts stream courses, including HistoryHonours. It has the top subject experts as faculty members, and it provides great placement opportunities to students. With its enriching education for women, the college has become one of the topmost choices of students across the country.
  • Hansraj College:Established in 1948, Hansraj College has been offering high-quality learning support to History students. It is among the top BA History Honours colleges in Delhi University that providesa brilliant faculty to students. With a superb infrastructure, the college also has a learner-friendly environment on campus. However, the admission in this college can be competitive, with the college usually having high cut-offs for B.A. (H) History course.
  • Miranda House:Since 1948, Miranda House has been delivering top-of-the-line education in all streams. Its History course at the undergraduate level is also well known for its quality and teaching expertise. The college educates women and promotes skill development through fair educational policies.
  • Sri Venkateswara College:Founded in 1961, the college usually sets high cut-offs for its History course. However, there is absolute brilliance in the course delivered at Sri Venkateswara College. The faculty here is one of the best in the academic industry, and the college offers well-equipped facilities and great learning opportunities to intellectual minds. While it was originally developed to offer education to South Indian students, it gave up its reservation system after some time. Being among the top BA History Honours colleges Delhi University, Sri Venkateswara has proved its worthalready. As the college has around 48 seats in its B.A. (H) History course, students may face a competitive scenario during admissions.
  • Indraprastha College for Women:Established in 1924, IP College also makes its place among the best of BA History Honours colleges Delhi University. In fact, the college offers high-quality education in all its courses. The premium institution was initially set up at the house cum office of the British Commander-in-Chief. Since then, it has been educating women and helping them come out as extraordinary performers in their fields.
  • Ramjas College:Ramjas College is one of the three founding institutions that wereaffiliated to Delhi University at the time of its establishment. The college has been running since 1917. Facilities at the college are more thandecent. It also has strong tie-ups with premier foreign institutions in the field of learning and education.
  • Jesus and Mary College:Being among the best BA History Honours colleges in Delhi University, the college meets all the expectations of History students. It was founded in 1961. Like St. Stephen’s College, JMC has also been admitting students in the History course based on its own admission procedure, as it does not follow the process that DU adopts for all other colleges.
  • Daulat Ram College:Daulat Ram College offers around 47 seats in its B.A. (H) History course. The college does not usually have as high cut-offs as in St. Stephen’s, Hindu, or Hansraj. However, it offers good-quality courses and well-trained faculty to students. The academics are a strong point of this institution and give it a place among the top BA History Honours colleges in Delhi University.

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