Top Engineering Colleges Under JEE Advanced

Vinod Sharma updated on : 14 Nov 2017

Here is a list of top engineering colleges under JEE Advanced exam that students can take admission after cracking the exam with high percentile.

Top Engineering Colleges under JEE Advance

Top engineering colleges under JEE Advanced - Most of you may know what JEE or Joint Entrance Examination refers to. However, if you are interested in knowing about JEE Advanced, then let us tell you that it is the second stage of the same examination that is conducted for admission to several engineering colleges in India. JEE Advanced is conducted by IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) under the guidance of JAB (Joint Admission Board). JEE Advanced is a national-level exam that can help you seek admission in courses like B-Tech and integrated M-Tech. You can also get admission in B-Tech – M-Tech dual-degree programmes conducted by IITs as well as some top engineering colleges under JEE Advanced.

Such dual-degree programmes are offered in the fields of engineering and architecture in IITs and other reputed institutes. There are also dual-degree programmes in science and pharmacy available at IITs and ISM. Many top engineering colleges under JEE Advanced accept this exam’s ranks to admit Indian and foreign students in their engineering courses. JEE Advanced is open for both Indian and foreign aspirants who are allowed to take it up two consecutive times. They can take up this exam based on their performance in JEE Main and other eligibility criteria. Further, check out here all the degree courses that are available to be pursued in the colleges that accept JEE Advanced ranks:

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Courses Available in Colleges Accepting JEE Advanced Ranks

Degree Through JEE Advanced Rank

Course Name

Course Duration


Bachelor of Technology

Four years


Bachelor of Architecture

Five years


Bachelor of Science

Four years


Bachelor of Pharmaceutics

Four years

Dual Degree B.S. - M.S.

Dual Degree Bachelor of Science and Master of Science

Five years

Dual-Degree B.Pharm.-M.Pharm.

Dual Degree Bachelor of Pharmaceutics and Master of Pharmaceutics

Five years

Dual Degree B.Tech.-M-Tech.

Dual Degree Bachelor of Technology and Master of Technology

Five years

Integrated Dual Degree M.Pharm.

Integrated Dual Degree Master of Pharmaceutics

Five years

Integrated M.Sc.

Integrated Master of Science

Five years

Integrated M-Tech.

Integrated Master of Technology

Five years

Note: The institutes that accept JEE Advanced ranks are not limited to the above-stated courses in engineering, architecture, pharmacy, and science. These institutes also offer many other academic programmes for which they have other criteria to admit students. We have listed only those courses for which students can seek admission based on their ranks in JEE Advanced exam. Additionally, it should be noted that not all engineering colleges under JEE Advanced have all the listed courses available to them.

JEE Advanced Participating Colleges

These colleges include institutions that admit students in several undergraduate and dual-degree engineering courses after qualifying JEE Advanced. While some of the top private engineering colleges under JEE Advanced admit candidates based on their all India ranks in this exam, most of the participating colleges include all IITs. Along with the Indian School of Mines in Dhanbad and IIT BHU, 21 other IITs are JEE Advanced participating colleges.

These include the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, Bhubaneswar, Gandhinagar, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Indore, Jodhpur, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras, Mandi, Mumbai, Palakkad, Patna, Roorkee, Ropar, Tirupati, Chattisgarh, Goa, Jammu, and Karnataka. Apart from IITs, other JEE Advanced participating colleges include the Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy (IIPE), Visakhapatnam; Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology (RGIPT), Rae Bareli; and Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research, Bhopal and also based in Mohali, Kolkata, Pune, and Thiruvananthapuram.

While JEE Advanced ranks are majorly accepted by IITs, some other top private engineering colleges under JEE Advanced also admit qualifying students in their engineering courses, based on their performance in the exam. Included in the list of these colleges are Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore; Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST, Thiruvananthapuram), Thiruvananthapuram; and K L University, Guntur. In India, not too many private colleges offer admission based on JEE Advanced ranks. However, several such institutions accept JEE Mains ranks. Other engineering colleges accept their state exam ranks to admit students in various engineering programmes.

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Goals of Conducting JEE Advanced:

The IITs and top government, as well as private engineering colleges under JEE Advanced, have some primary objectives of conducting JEE Advanced or accepting its ranks for admission into engineering courses. Most of these top engineering colleges have been imparting the best of engineering education to Indian and foreign students. These institutes offer excellent infrastructure, extensive research options, and great learning environment to the best of minds. Thus, they want to continue their culture that encourages students to achieve excellence through free thinking and self-discipline.

When some of the top private engineering colleges under JEE Advanced and institutions like IITs go for such a stringent exam, they want to create an innovative environment and lay a strong foundation for the best of students so that it can help them pursue their visions. These institutes aim at providing technical and scientific knowledge through the chosen courses to prepare students to become passionate scientists and engineers. The institutes are highly selective to find students who are ready to inculcate and drive the spirit of entrepreneurship in the country. This makes students outstanding professionals in their respective fields who would contribute to the foundation of the country in the long term.

Benefits of Taking JEE Advanced Exam to Students:

If it is your dream to become an excellent engineer, then the best route is by taking up the JEE Advanced examination. You can seek admission to the engineering courses in the top private engineering colleges under JEE Advanced as well as in the renowned IITs after receiving a high rank in this exam. A high rank brings you in the merit list that increases your chances of taking up a course of your choice and an institution of your choice. The best of the faculty at these institutions grooms you to turn your dream real. Your innovation and leadership skills get driven when you get state-of-the-art facilities and environment.

It is not easy to get into IITs and other top private engineering colleges under JEE Advanced. Thus, you have to be truly bright, focused, and highly determined to crack the JEE Advanced exam. Proper planning of your study and dedicated practice can get you the desired results. The JEE Advanced exam assesses your actual talent, intelligence, and knowledge. The exam also evaluates your problem solving and analytical skills. It is not a regular exam to enter just any engineering college. You have to think out of the box when you plan to pursue intensive research in your engineering institution.

Thus, you should work on your fundamentals of science and mathematics excellently. Polish your analytical and reasoning skills as well as improve your skill to solve complex questions in a simple and quicker manner. You not only need to understand the concepts but also have to think about its applications when you are planning to take up an exam like JEE Advanced, which is one of the toughest in the world. 


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