Top Tricks Every CAT Topper Knows But Won’t Share With You

Nidhi Mishra updated on : 07 Jul 2017

For those planning a career in management, has shared some of the top tricks every CAT topper knows.

The Common Admission Test (CAT) is one of the most coveted management entrance examinations conducted by Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) for admission to the prestigious management colleges in India. Candidates aspiring to get admission in IIMs and other management schools need to appear for the CAT exam.

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There are lakhs of candidates who take up the CAT exam every year. For those planning a career in management, has shared some of the top tricks every CAT topper knows.

Do Your SWOT Analysis:

This means that you should analyse your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (i.e. SWOT). A management aspirant can begin his/her preparation by taking up a mock exam or diagnostic test for CAT. A number of websites offer mock test series online that you can take up as part of your preparation plan.

Take a mock test (even if you are not well prepared). You will immediately get to know which areas need to be worked upon (work on your weakness), which areas need just improvements (fortify your strengths), which areas will help you score the most (exploit your opportunities) and which areas should be avoided (steer clear of threats).

Taking up mock tests will also help you in time management during the CAT exam. It will increase your test-taking speed. It will help you overcome panic. It will give you a clear picture about the topics that you are weak in.

Getting the Right Study Material and Books for CAT:

The list of some preparation books for CAT exam:

  • CAT preparation by IIM Alumni
  • At least one coaching institute package like Career Launcher, TIME, TestFunda or others
  • Shakuntla Devi Puzzle Book
  • Arun Sharma’s’ Quant + Verbal + DI books
  • Normal Lewis Vocab book (Highly Recommended)

Discipline is Very Important:

  • Plan your preparation calendar and stick to it! Two months is too short a time to be wasted in procrastination. What you do/not do every day will affect your CAT score. So get out of the panic mode and get into the study mode NOW!
  • You must strategize your plan of study in a way that you finish your syllabus at least two months before the date of the exam. Divide your time and try to study all the three subjects as often as you can. Depending upon your suitability, divide the time of preparation for each subject evenly.
  • Try to read articles and novels of your interest on the screen to build up the stamina to read the questions and comprehension on the system. CAT is more about diligence than intelligence.

Practice Makes You Perfect:

It is extremely important to take as many mock tests as possible.  When you only have 2 months left, start with at least one mock test every day. In the last week, take only 2-3 tests. Make sure you simulate the actual CAT atmosphere while taking these tests (i.e. take computer-based tests, sit in a classroom-like area, take the entire test in one go).

Maximise Your Core in Strong Areas:

Try to maximise your core in your strong areas. Attempt the exam with an open mind and do not pressurise yourself too much thinking about factors you have no control over.

Skills Essential for Individuals to Crack CAT:

  • Ability to judge which questions have to be attempted and which have to be given a miss- Negative marks badly hurt the final score. One does not need to attempt all questions to crack the exam.
  • Ability to do quick calculations- helps a lot in both quant and DI questions
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure – the exam tests a candidate’s ability to handle pressure as one is competing with 2, 00,000 other candidates for a seat at the IIMs. It is important you focus solely on your preparation and not bother what others are doing.
  • Ability to sift through the text to get the main idea of the passage- helps a lot to navigate through lengthy RC passages.
  • Good command over the English language- sometimes candidates leave questions just because they do not know the meaning of some words. Hence, it is very important to lay focus on brushing your English language skills.


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