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HTCampus Expert updated on : 03 Nov 2015

“Don’t run behind success, try to achieve excellence, success will come looking for you.”



“Don’t run behind success, try to achieve excellence, success will come looking for you.”

This famous dialogue from the movie, “3 Idiots” has the power to change lives of many. How many of us are into the profession we always wanted to be? If we take a random sample and try to find out the answer to the above question, figures obtained won’t be very promising. The market is tough, and it is a general feeling that it is not easy to earn money if we keep on chasing our dreams and do what we wish to. However, there are people who have minted a lot of money; turning their passions into professions. Of course, money is not the only thing that is important for life and on the contrary, you cannot survive in this tax-driven economy without a financial backing.

The question is thus how to profess your passion and also earn money out of it. After all, it is not easy to go against the stream. Five years back, when I made up my mind to pursue studies in journalism and mass communication, nobody in the family supported me, and I never cared. My idea of getting into the tough field of journalism was indigestible for my family and friends. But, I was strong-headed to make my career in the field of journalism as it was the only area that enticed me.

My career journey made me realize that will-power and belief in one’s capabilities are the two most important prerequisites to chase and ultimately fulfill your dream. You need to take a stand for yourself, even if the whole world is against you. Passion when turned into profession does wonders because, before money, job satisfaction acts like the biggest motivating factor. After all, if you earn chunks of money yet, remain unhappy and dissatisfied with what you do, how long can you imagine to stay in that job? Not for long, I suppose.




Besides, you should be excellent in what you wish to achieve in your professional life. Competition is fierce in today’s world and every second person is incredible at his job. This “cut-throat” competition leaves you with no option than to run badly behind your passion and beat the competition. If you dream to be a writer and don’t work hard enough to excel and win, nobody in the world can help you become one. Experts in the field of writing are of the opinion that you cannot develop that flair for writing if you don’t write something every single day. You should realize that only “Practice makes man perfect”. Irrespective of the career option you are passionate about, knowledge update and practice are common to all. 

Going against the stream and proving that your dreams are bigger than what others think about them is not a “cakewalk”. There is obviously no shortcut to success and that too when you aim to create your path towards it. History has witnessed passionate, famous and successful people, like Thomas Alva Edison, Homi J. Bhabha, Rabindranath Tagore, Steve Jobs and many others whose passion ignited their souls and works enlightened the entire world.

So, if you crave to get back to what you love, waste no more time. Let your passion driving you and reason hold the reins.


Source: Manvi Raj Garg, HT Campus Journalist




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