Two-Day Seminar on Indian Classical Works at ARSD College

HTCampus Expert updated on : 23 Oct 2015

Kalidasa's Abhigyanshakuntalam, Shudrak's Mrichchkattikam and Adigal's Cilappatikaram were the focus of the seminar conducted

The English Department Association of Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma (ARSD) College organised a two- day seminar and film screening around three classical Indian works namely Kalidasa's Abhigyanshakuntalam, Shudrak's Mrichchkattikam and Adigal's Cilappatikaram.

Concerned episodes were taken from Shyam Benegal's "Bharat Ek Khoj".

On 13th October, renowned historian Dr. Vishwa Mohan Jha delivered his lecture to students and teachers of literature. His lecture focused on works, interpretation and translation of  Sanskrit literature mainly on two text. He discussed problems regarding translation of Indian classical text, how each character is portrayed differently in different versions of text. He also discussed the problem regarding pronunciations and writing of Sanskrit words in the text.

The session ended with a question and answer round where Mr. Jha helped clear the doubts of students and teachers and also provided them with historical knowledge of ancient Indian literature.

On 15th October, scholars B. Mangalam and N. Sachin threw light on Adigal's work of Cilappatikaram. Both the speakers gave a description of the writers of the text, Illanko Adigal, his role etc. They discussed precisely the traditions of writing Tamil epics and their sources from sangam literature. They talked about importance of the text from the literature and political point of view.

The seminar ended with a discussion on the  concerned topic with students and teachers.

Source: Abhilasha Garg, HTCampus Specialist

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