UGC to Higher Educational Institutes: Open Student Counselling Centres!

Vinod Sharma updated on : 14 Mar 2018

In a notification, UGC has asked the universities as well as higher educational institutes to open up a student counselling centres.

Student counselling centres

An official circular that comes from University Grants Commission (UGC) directs higher education institutes as well as universities to open up student counselling centres and avail the help of the psychologist. The decision, as per the UGC, aims to help students’ safety and security in events like harassment and ragging.

Setting up such a student-counselling centre is the part of guidelines that UGC have issued concerning the safety of students on and off campuses of higher educational institutes and universities within India. The directive has already been communicated to all the institutions concerned.  

According to the circular, the guidelines also include one of the most important components – all the higher education institutions should mandatorily set in place a students’ counselling system for addressing problems, challenges and issues that students face during their academic sessions.

Some of the keynotes of the guidelines include that the counselling system will be interactive at one hand and target oriented on the other. Teachers, students and parents will address the common concerns such as stress, anxiety, homesickness and fear of failure among students studying in higher educational institutes throughout India.

Another important area includes that teacher counsellors need to coordinate with the hostel wardens and exchange personal details of the student concerned. The details may include, but surely not confined to, behavioural patterns and academic records to ensure right action can be taken at the right time. Students will also be able to avail the services of a trained psychologist as and when required.

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