UNIBIC India’s MD Nikhil Sen Shares Leadership Mantra with EPGP Students at IIM Bangalore

Anjani Chaand updated on : 04 Apr 2016

The new batch of 71 students in the one year full-time programme is treated to career lessons

“Believe in your product and build the right teams,” said Nikhil Sen, Managing Director, UNIBIC India, to the new batch of the one year full-time Executive Post Graduate Programme (EPGP) at IIM Bangalore.

In his inaugural address, he exhorted the students to chase service and sustainability. “When I recruit young managers, I look for the three ‘I’s: Introspection - the ability of the individual to look inwards and reinvent; Intuition - the ability to anticipate needs and challenges; and Inspiration - the ability to lead people to work beyond the ordinary. Don’t be a boss, be a leader. Don’t be a missionary, be a visionary. As long as you have clarity of mind, purity of heart and sincerity of action, you will succeed,” he said.

Welcoming the batch of 71 students to the EPGP programme, he declared that as managers they had to learn to be available and accessible. “You must lead from the front. As you go up the ladder, you have to mentor teams, build and nurture relationships. What matters is how much knowledge you have shared with your teams. Wealth should be a consequence of pursuing a passion,” he explained.

On lessons learnt in the course of his own professional journey, the top executive of UNIBIC, who began his career in consumer research, said: “Go beyond the ordinary, know your organization’s needs, be humble and build relationships based on trust.”

Commending the 71 professionals for moving out of their comfort zone and signing up for a programme as challenging as the EPGP at IIM Bangalore, he said: “Some of you will take the ‘Make in India’ path and provide employment instead of looking for jobs. Entrepreneurship is not easy - there will be crises. So learn to survive. If you do your basics right, success is sure to follow. When you are in an intensely competitive market with a limited budget, think out-of-the-box to get in there and make a difference.”

Nikhil Sen’s address was followed by an interactive session with the students.

EPGP Chairperson U Dinesh Kumar welcomed the new batch and shared the class profile. The average age of the 8th batch of EPGP students is 29 years, their average work experience is seven years and almost half the batch has international experience. “The EPGP programme is challenging and fulfilling and your peers will contribute to your learning in a big way because of the richness of diversity in the batch,” said Professor Dinesh Kumar.

Dean of Academic Programmes Sourav Mukherji offered the students a brief overview of life at IIMB. “The one-year EPGP is an intense programme, which will lead to a journey of self-discovery,” he said, assuring them that they would learn to be not only business leaders but also leaders in all spheres of life.

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