Uniqueness of XAT Exam

Jayita Ekka updated on : 23 Nov 2015

The Unique Quotient of XAT - Preparing Future Managers with a Practical Approach

XAT 2016

Think business management programs, and a long list of management aptitude tests, such as CAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT, GMAT among others, contend to be on the top of your preparatory preference. In such a scenario, how should you prioritize your objective? While MBA entrance exam preparation demands a niche preparation level, many a times, we are faced with the dilemna of deciding the best fit. 

Management opens up a world of career opportunities across multiple sectors in the industry. And with the lavish availibility of MBA graduates in the country,  it is very important that you choose your management college carefully. In order to do that, you will need to figure out the management entrance exam that you should take, to be able to make it to the right college, as per your needs, skill set and of course, career aspirations. 

XAT – A natural topper on the list of priorities

With consistently top national ratings, Xavier School of Management or XLRI (erstwhile Xavier Labour Relations Institute) has captured the imagination of management aptitude test takers with an aim to make it in either the parent institution located in Jamshedpur or its highly credible associate institutes such as Goa Institute of Management, S.P. Jain, IRMA, XIM, IMT, XISS  and so on. And, the gateway to this world is XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test). Held by XLRI nationally, once a year, which is usually the first Sunday of January. Hence, this year the examination would be held on 3rd, January, 2016.  

There isn’t a dearth of management aptitude tests held across the country but XAT has a special place in the minds of students because of its more practical testing through Decision Making section. Many students consider most comprehensive examination. Following sections describe XAT and its uniqueness.  

Exam Structure

Spanning across 3.5 hours, test takers have to rack their brains to solve questions in categories such as Quantitative Ability, English Language & Logical Reasoning, Decision Making, General Knowledge and Essay. There is a chance that any one of the above sections will be more difficult than the rest. Number of questions may vary in each segment.

The inclusion of General Knowledge and Essay adds value to the paper. Typical management aptitude tests do not have separate segment for these, which justifies its lesser time allotment of 3 hours. A test of general knowledge highlights the importance of staying aware and in tune with what’s happening around the world. An understanding of the business environment and factors at play is necessary to strategize and stay ahead of competition. Essay helps students to form their opinion and frame the points in order to create a single, comprehensible idea. 

Exam Format

Right from the beginning, more than 60 years back, till date, XAT has been a pen-paper-test and will continue to remain so. CAT, for instance, one of the most popular choices among test takers, has turned to computer based tests from the year 2009. This makes XAT unique and unbiased towards all students appearing from different educational social backgrounds, in that, students with awareness of online tests or those who are tech-friendly will be positioned equally with those who are not.

Level of Difficulty

The level of difficulty may vary from year to year. Usually, students get the jitters for XAT as many consider it to be most difficult MBA entrance test! But students also find it practical, challenging and relevant.  The practical approach taken in this national aptitude test prepares the students to understand business management beyond text books. The preliminary data about testing overlaps between CAT, XAT and NMAT examinations indicates that in 19% cases CAT questions and in 33% cases NMAT question resemble the XAT format. This statistical report clearly points out the degree of importance that other management aptitude tests extend towards XAT. Moreover, an aptitudinal analysis top-notch management examination of India suggests that ambitious candidates with a zeal for learning and an analytical bent of mind will be mostly benefitted by appearing through XAT.

Aptitude tests like XAT open the door to top rated business management training institutes in the country. The difference lies in the idea that is given shape while forming the test segments and questions. In simple words, XAT’s uniqueness lies in its futuristic, unbiased and practical approach that prepares the students more than it tests them.


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