UPESEAT Preparation Tips 2018

Thamanna Abdul Latheef updated on : 17 Oct 2017

Preparation Tips for UPESEAT 2018 is right here. Interested candidates must follow these tips and trick to crack UPESEAT 2018

UPESEAT Preparation Tips

UPESEAT 2018 preparation tips 2018- Good luck is the result of hard work and preparation. Preparing for any competitive examination is not a big deal if you’ve planned it properly. Be Calm and Positive is what you can do while preparing for UPESEAT 2018 entrance test. Sample papers of UPES entrance test can be of great help while preparation as it provides an overall idea about the entire syllabus, paper pattern, marking scheme and type of questions asked in UPESEAT 2018. By practicing UPESEAT 2018 sample papers, the applicants will not only be able to master the questions that come in the entrance exam, but also identify their strong and weak areas which will help them to evaluate themselves and make strategies accordingly. Candidates should download and practice sample papers of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English language comprehension and current affairs awareness of last few years to get an idea about the exam. Here are some of the tips which will help the aspirants in cracking UPESEAT 2018.

UPESEAT Preparation Tips 2018

Self-study is the Significant

There can be many alternative ways to score well in the exam but without self-study, nothing is possible. If you are dedicated enough to give the exam nothing matters you at all. Dedication and hard work will help you achieve it. Even if there are people to assist you, it can be of great help in solving the question papers and clarifying your queries. Referring to so many sources and study material can also consume your time and may create tension while preparing. After all, the admission will be made based on the candidate’s rank and score in the UPESEAT 2018 entrance examination.

Solve Previous Year’s Question Papers

For an exam, the practicing tests, solving old question papers help the candidate to be confident and to get a basic idea about the test. Solving previous year’s question will make the aspirant familiar with the exam pattern, mode of questions, marks allotted and so on. While practicing sample papers and previous year’s question papers, candidates can make a note on the important topics and chapters that they have to cover for the test. So it is compulsory for an aspirant to attempt as many previous years’ question papers as possible. They must have solved at least question papers of previous 5 years before attempting the exam. Unless and until you don’t have a teacher or an expert with you, try not to attempt tricky and time-consuming questions while preparing.

Follow NCERTs

For UPESEAT 2018 entrance, NCERTs are considered as one of the best guides to crack the entrance test. The questions will be asked from the syllabus which is already covered by the NCERT textbooks during higher secondary education. It is better to revise and study NCERTs other than going for some guides from other sources. Covering the topics from NCERTs will help the candidates to understand and to explain every single topic in a comprehensive manner. The best guides and books that an applicant should follow is nothing except NCERTs.

Setting a Timetable and Make Strategies Accordingly

Setting a timetable which will manage your time meritoriously is the finest thing you can do before the exam. You should make a timetable in which you can manage both your extracurricular activities as well as your academics. Still, preparing a timetable won’t bring you success hence, you have to follow and work hard for yourself.

Check the syllabus of UPESEAT 2018 and try to make strategies according to you. Make plans which will make you win the game rather than just scoring moderate marks. Setting strategies for an exam is very important considering certain factors like the duration of the exam, negative marking, the total number of questions etc.

Give as Many Mock Tests as Possible

Attempting mock tests will help you to create an atmosphere of the exam which is very much important while the preparation of UPESEAT 2018. Practicing old question papers along with mock test are the two ways to get a hold of the exam.  The candidates can increase their speed of attempting questions with the help of these mock tests. Before taking the mock test, get an idea about the exam pattern of UPESEAT 2018.

Giving mock test will help you to understand the pattern of the questions, types of questions asked and all the other things about the paper. Taking mock test not only makes you confident but also helps you to understand the level of difficulty. The candidates should give the mock tests keeping in mind as they are giving the real test. It should be solved properly so that right after the test, you can evaluate yourself. Try to understand the weak points or areas which need emphasis.

Allot Time to the Most Important Topics/Subject

For each and every candidate, there will be some strong and weak points when it comes to learning certain subjects. If you are good at a particular subject, there is no point in learning it again and again. It will only consume your precious time.  You should choose a subject which needs more attention and time so that you can cover all the major topics that may come in the examination. Make a list of areas which require proper time and learn it before the exam. Don’t keep it for the last day.

Healthy Diet and Sleep

The candidates should keep in mind that being positive and calm is another magic which really works in any situation. It is obvious that you will be tensed before the exam. Both your mental health and physical health contribute to your success. A healthy diet and a proper sleep are the best cure for exam trauma. Don’t stress yourself because you have an exam tomorrow instead be confident about what you’ve done during the time of preparation and try to answer questions patiently. An eight-hour sleep before the exam will make your memory sharp and relaxed.

These are some of the preparation tips that can be followed by the candidate before the exam. Try to follow your timetable so that no delays will obstruct your way while preparing. Have some alternative plans as well so that you can adjust to any sort of situation while taking the exam.

All the best and have a happy learning ahead..!

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