The Value of Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree Programme

Nidhi Bahl updated on : 26 Jul 2016

Management education offers all necessary tools to equip one with the necessary techniques of successfully handling various business and management related issues.


An MBA, or a Master of Business Administration, is a hot topic of discussion these days. The question that arises is, whether this is just a trend, a fancy or a trifle, or is there real value in pursuing such a study programme?

Undeniably, it is expensive and demanding and it has reasonably high entry requirements, so why should you opt for an MBA?

The answer lies in the fact that business is integral to every profession. Scientists, engineers, even artists, will inevitably have to understand at least the basics of business, and probably a lot more. The present day management gurus opine that the companies of the future will consist of groups of specialists who work together on a specific project and then disband. This idea certainly perpetuates the cause of Business and Management education.

Management education has a significant role to play in the current business environment, where the only constant factor is change. Such rapid changes make it challenging for organizations to survive the growing competition. This has resulted in the need for business schools in developing nations like India to impart relevant education to students, which in turn reflect the   changes in society. Moreover, schools need to be in close contact with industry. Businesses in Asia are perpetually in need for management talent. New challenges require new business models and hence it is very important for business schools to work with exceptional leaders, who are educated, successful, inspirational, encouraging and who are willing to give back to community".

The issue of shortage of management talent in the developing world is an area of concern. In developing countries like India there is a dearth of good business schools, qualified managers, dynamic curriculum and qualified faculty. Before embarking on a course of business education, it would be note- worthy to ask one- self a basic question, ‘what should a business education give me?’ Most subjects that one studies are composed of theory and practice.
Management education offers all necessary tools to equip one with the necessary techniques of successfully handling various business and management related issues. In brief, fundamental tools, which enable you to make contributions to global economy. Besides providing the basic management capabilities, it also provides the following:-

  • The ability to use the contingency approach to solve business problems.
  • Combines the better parts of several solutions into a unique solution.
  • A global perspective
  • Work with and learn from the others

The advantages of an MBA, especially when it is a reasonably good business school with a fair reputation are as follows:

Higher salary: The average salary for an MBA graduate is considerably higher than that of an employee with a regular master qualification. In that case, in 2-3 years, you cover the investment made in your MBA education. 

Better career opportunities: This advantage of an MBA degree goes hand in hand with the first one and it is actually the cause of the first one. Graduates of an MBA program have, due to their qualification, higher chances of obtaining and holding a high level management position. It is estimated that 70% of the MBA graduates worldwide are senior managers or board directors. This type of position brings along a higher salary but of course also a higher responsibility and longer working hours.

Irrespective of whether you wish to further your current career by advancing in a leadership position, or you want to pursue a new career, an MBA is definitely going to boost your chances of achieving these goals.

Better consolidated business network: As an MBA student you have great networking opportunities. Through this type of study you get to know and interact in a relevant manner (in a context that accentuates your business management capabilities) with colleagues (future high level managers), professors and teaching staff (usually former or current potent business people, with great on-field experience). Besides, you also stand good chances to meet potential employers through the various internships that are part of most MBA program.. Last but not least, you gain access to the extensive alumni network of that particular MBA programme

New skill and knowledge acquisition: Studying a Master of Business Administration forces you to get out of your comfort zone, deal with the latest issues, apply the newest management techniques and just constantly challenge yourself, your practices and your approaches. An MBA also provides you with the channels that will keep this challenge alive and push you to continuously improve.

India is home to around three thousand institutes offering management education. Of these, only a few schools can take pride in imparting educational excellence, groom leaders, and hence are worth joining. Given the large number of institutes, with their bombastic claims, it is difficult to separate the weed from the chaff. The definition of a 'top B-School' varies between people and across years makes matters greatly complicated. Throw in into this mix is the fact that a lot of B-Schools make exaggerated claims and the outcome of all this is an extremely complex situation that makes it difficult to make the right decision. To be able to cut through the clutter and identify these 'top B-Schools', it is necessary that one understands the key parameters to be used to evaluate and differentiate between B-Schools so that one can take a considered call on the  school  they can apply to.


1. Quality of students: The quality of students on campus makes a huge difference on account of the interaction that students have with their peers. A significant proportion of the learning at any good B-School happens outside class and a fairly significant part of this comes from peer learning. A great deal of learning at any B-School is on account of group activities such as assignments and projects. Hence, better the peers, richer is the learning experience. At Adarsh Institute of Management and Information Technology, a part of the Adarsh Group of Institutions,  the student fraternity is cosmopolitan. There is good exposure for the students to study as a part of a diverse learning group and the erudition is immense. Students come from various nook and corner of India. One gets to witness a mini India at AIMIT.

b) Quality of faculty: The quality of the inputs one gets at a B-School is driven by the quality of the faculty. Accomplished Faculty play a significant role in enrichment of course delivery. The role of well qualified, talented and experienced faculty members in grooming management students is pivotal. At Adarsh Institute of Management and Information Technology, they have highly qualified and skilled teachers dedicated to student learning. They provides Adarshites an unmatched educational experience that goes well beyond the curriculum.

(c) Placements: A large number of management institutes claim 100 per cent placement record. With management institutes mushrooming all over the country, these claims should not be taken at face value, and should be scrutinized closely. At Adarsh, the Placement cell provides an interface between students and industry by providing assistance to students for industry internship and final placements. The cell builds relations and network with industry professionals from across multiple industry sectors. Adarsh Group has a strong industry interaction with leading business organizations to achieve strong, sustainable and mutually benefitting activities. Adarsh has extraordinary reach of placing students in prime positions in some of the most prestigious companies

(d) Image of the Institute: The long-term advantages of association with a good brand often overhaul the short-term parameters such as 'salary’ and in many cases, it would make the difference between a deal and a no-deal. Long after a student has passed out of an institute, he/she will benefit from the power of its brand image – both in career growth and in the day-to-day work/business. The Adarsh Group of Institutions has been rendering quality education for over four decades and AIMIT, which is a part of the Adarsh Group has been imparting quality management education for well over two decades.

(e) Quality of infrastructure: One of the important things required for an institute to function satisfactorily is the availability of necessary infrastructure in terms of a state-of-the-art computer lab, high-speed internet connectivity, well-stocked library with subscriptions to management journals, and classrooms furnished with audio-visual aids. Adarsh Institute of Management and Information Technology takes pride in extending   these facilities to its students.

A unique aspect of Adarsh Institute of Management and Information technology (AIMIT) is that there is a three thrust area to achieve all-inclusive development. The focus is on the individual level where communication skills are enhanced, personality development, technical knowhow, knowledge enhancement are taken care. Further, at the organizational level the focus is on industry academia interaction wherein industry experts play a pivotal role in making ADARSHites industry ready. Students also get amazing opportunities to undergo internships and participate in corporate programmes.

At the social level AIMIT has tie ups with NGOs and other organizations which open a gate way of opportunities to students to serve society in multiple fields such as educating the under privileged, being a part of Swachh Bharath, improving the life style of Auto drivers etc.

There is no denying the fact that An MBA graduate almost becomes a new person after the post degree program is complete. With a brand new outlook and perspective of life and the business world, the diverse areas taught in an MBA programme will cultivate the student’s survival skills and professionalism and enable them to evolve into remarkable communicators and advisers. Many MBA graduates from Adarsh Institute of Management and Information Technology found that this post graduate programme has thoroughly enlightened them on specific aspects of life, especially concerning operations within the business world. While those without an MBA ponder endlessly and wonder how and why a particular business decision is made, an MBA graduate is able to relate, because they would have been trained beforehand, given the fact that pedagogies like case-method besides others, are rendered. Undoubtedly, studying a Masters’ in Business Administration at Adarsh Institute of Management and Information Technology will alter the student’s whole perception of life and alter the mind for the better.

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