Vellore Institute of Technology Conducts Make-a-thon

HTCampus Expert updated on : 05 May 2016

Make-a-thon of Vellore Institute of Technology was a grand success!

School of Electrical Engineering, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore campus organised a mega event called Make-a-thon (Continuous 36 Hrs event) during April 29-May 1, 2016.
During the event, more than 30 problems were given by the industry experts and another more than 20 were given by the academics to consider and solve in multiple tracks. The tracks include:
  • Health care monitoring and Diagnosis
  • Industrial Automation- Automotive & Robotics
  • Energy & Environmental Monitoring
  • Information Security
  • IoT and Sensors for Smart city
  • Public Awareness
 Industries Participated in Make-a-thon
  • Johnsons Control, Pune- Mr. Abhigyan Chatterjee and Mr.Sourav Bandyapadhyay
  • Nokia Solutions and Networks, Chennai- Mr.  Karthikeyan
  • Renault- Nissan, Chennai- Mr. Ganesh Nagarajan
  • Cardea Labs  and Cardea Biomedical Technologies, Delhi- Mr. Abhinav (VIT Alumni)
  • Narayana Mission Hospital, Nellore- Dr. Maruthy
  • Edutech, Chennai
  • Elmack Engineering Services, Chennai-
  • Raana Power Solutions, Hosur
Problems Shared by the other Industries
  • Valeo, Chennai
  • LabTech Electronics Pvt Ltd, Chennai
250 students were selected out of 322 registrations received for Make-a-thon. 47 teams under 6 different categories participated and competed against each other. In last 36 hrs, a total of 41 teams were qualified and presented their prototypes. Their projects were review and judged by industry professionals and selected eight projects for the final round. At the end, a team comprised of Neha Gautam, Amit Kumar, Pratyush Kumar, Puneet Singh and Mokshita Vashist, which presented a device ‘Gamification in Gym’ took home the first prize that was INR 10,000. The device will help one to play games while doing exercise in a gym or yoga
The second prize of INR 7,500 went to a team comprised of Yash Agarwal, Kanishak kesarwani, Rohit Roy, Somnath Singh and Sarthak Mendiratta, for a device Bandaholic.  The instrument would give signals when it is attached with the steering of a vehicle / rooftop. The instrument would not allow opening the door of the vehicle if the driver is drunk. At the same time, the instrument will send the signals to the owner of the vehicle, specifying the conditions of the driver.  
The third prize of INR 5000 went to the team of 1st-year students-Dhruv Rastogi, Adran Saitee, Karthik Rajaraman and Sanyam Jain, which presented devised a compact ‘Medical Pill Reminder’. The instrument will remind the person of the time for taking pills and which pills should be taken.
The prizes were distributed by the Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr.S. Narayanan. Apart from the above prizes, two special prizes under the category of the best innovative idea and best implementation of the concept were also announced.
 At the end, 4 teams got an offer for an internship with Johnsons Control, Pune and the 8 finalists were invited for their Techday scheduled in June15, 2016.  
Similarly, Nokia Solutions and Networks chose two teams for internship support, while Cardea Labs picked 4 teams for product developments.  
The best projects identified by the school will follow up for the patent filling process. 
Source: Aman Omprakash, HTCampus Specialist 

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