Wackiest Questions Asked During CAT Interviews

Snigdha updated on : 29 Sep 2016

Students aspiring to get admission through CAT 2016 should read the wacky CAT interview questions provided here to be able to tackle similar questions during their personal interview after clearing the written examination.

Wackiest Questions asked during CAT Interviews

Clearing CAT examination tops the list of every management aspirant in India. Obtaining a good percentile in CAT makes you win half the battle already of grabbing a seat in IIM or any other management colleges accepting CAT score. But before studying in these institutes, one obstacle that still needs to be tackled is to appear for the personal interviews and answer few unexpected MBA interview questions.

IIM interview is some of the most intriguing interviews for admission through CAT. For some it turns out to be a piece of cake while for others it might turn out to be extremely horrifying. Nonetheless, you cannot subdue the importance of these interviews. 

Questions asked in IIM interview can practically be on anything in this world. Handling random IIM interview questions will require you to use your knowledge, skills, awareness, presence of mind and maintain your confidence level. Saying the right things at the right time makes all the difference between the candidates who get selected and the candidates who doesn’t.

Giving an insight to the applicants of CAT 2016 regarding the type of interview questions asked, we have provided with a list of some of the wackiest CAT interview questions narrated by the students themselves. Read the questions below.

Sing the National Anthem

Panellists at IIM Lucknow had asked one of the candidates to name the author of the national anthem of India. The candidate was later asked to sing the anthem as well.

Image Source: media.giphy.com

Let’s Talk about Poor People

In an IIM Ahmedabad interview, a candidate was asked why are people poor?

Image Souce: mediaresources.idiva.com

Define God Mathematically

In one of the CAT interviews held at IIM Lucknow, a panellist asked a candidate to define God mathematically since he liked numbers.

Image Source: media.giphy.com

Let’s Check your Spellings

In one of the whackiest interviews held at IIM Kozhikode, a candidate was asked to spell the word ‘Cow’ in 13 letters.

Image Source: media.tumblr.com

Choose an Email Id Wisely

A candidate appearing for one of the CAT interviews at IIM Lucknow was asked to tell the panellist why a ‘year’ was present in his email id.

Image Source: media.giphy.com

Surprised or Shocked?

In an IIM interview conducted at IIM Kozhikode, a candidate was asked to tell the panellists anything he knew whose heading will surprise them while its explanation will shock them. The candidate was allowed to use the heading and explanation independently.

Image Source: media.giphy.com

Recruitment Knowledge is Important

At an interview in IIM Lucknow, one of the panellists asked a candidate to tell them the recruitment and Human Resource (HR) structure of ISIS terrorist group.

Image Source: media.giphy.com

Let’s Talk about Girls

In an interview held at one of the IIMs, a candidate was asked to tell the panellist his choice of girlfriend amongst the two options given to him. The first option was of a girl who is hot but not loyal and the other one was the girl who is not hot but is loyal.

Image Source: media.giphy.com

Mismanagers or Miss Managers?

At an interview at held at one of the IIMs, a candidate was asked to mention if any there was any place in the world where mismanagers are required? The candidate was further asked if mismanagement was in anyway related with women managers.

Image Source: scoopwhoop.com

Pro at Dumb Charades?

One of the panellists at IIM Calcutta came and whispered in candidate’s ears “Incredible India” and asked the candidate to act it out. The other panellist guessed the movie within 10 seconds.

Image Source: media.giphy.com

Be Tax-ready!

In one of the interviews, panellists at IIM Ranchi had asked the candidate to calculate his income tax for him which he would have to pay that year without telling he candidate the amount of money he earned.

Image Source: images.askmen.com

Show Me your Moves

In an interview at IIM Calcutta, one of the candidates who had taken Bharatnatyam dance training was asked to show her dancing skills as part of her interview.

Image Source: media.giphy.com

While these are just some of the wackiest questions asked in CAT interviews, they clearly project that a candidate needs to be prepared from all aspects in order to clear any MBA interview questions including CAT.

Going through the questions you may find them bizarre and without any sense. Most questions do not have a fixed answer. Different candidate may answer the same questions differently and all may give correct answers. But even a bizarre question has an answer and you should know how to convey that answer to the panellists.

Therefore, answering a question in such interviews may depend on the candidate’s knowledge, wittiness, presence of mind and the way he/ she perceives a question. But more importantly, it’s a candidate’s confidence that makes a big difference. As they say, self-confidence has the power to get you through even with a not-so-great answer.

(With inputs from Storypick, Scoopwhooop and indiatimes.com)

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