WAT, the next step on your way to securing a seat at IIMs!

Nidhi updated on : 09 Sep 2016

The writing test offers a fair chance to MBA aspirants to exhibit their communication skills

WAT, Written Ability Test

After CAT, the next hurdle that you need to cross on your way to get admission at the IIMs is Written Ability Test (WAT).

Most IIMs and top management institutes in India have replaced the Group Discussion (GD) round with WAT to offer a fair chance to MBA aspirants to exhibit their communication skills.

As part of WAT, the students will be assessed through essay-writing test, which carries a minimum weightage of 30% . But it is not as simple as it sounds. Candidates will be asked to give the test under severe time constraints.

Here are a few tips you could use to ace the WAT round:

1. Know the subject: Keeping yourself updated is the most important step when it comes to clearing WAT. Knowing your subject well will give you ample information to write on the topic you are assigned. Expanding your knowledge base is the key to create that first positive impression.

2. Practice writing: To be able to put your knowledge on paper, you must know how to communicate well by writing. You can improve your writing skills regularly by working on some of the current affairs topics. Writing frequently will not only improve your vocabulary and language, but will also boost your confidence.

3. Flow of your essay: Giving your essay a logical flow is vital to create an impression that you are meticulous in your approach. Having sufficient knowledge will not help if you can’t put across your thoughts with clarity. Writing essay in a proper format is one of the most important factors while assessing a candidate.

4. Make your essay interesting: Don’t forget that your essay will be among hundred other essays that the examiner will be reading. Therefore, you must write it in a way that it stands out. You can make your essay interesting by giving it a different perspective. Remember that the way you write your essay will be a reflection of your personality.

5. Time Management: Managing your time well during essay writing is one of the most important factors. Plan your essay in such a way that it has everything that we’ve talked about in the previous points. First understand your topic and then give your piece a proper structure. Leave some time to revise what you’ve written. Also, ensure that you don’t make grammatical mistakes.

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