10 Ways to Make Your MBA Application Stand Out

Hina Yadav updated on : 27 Feb 2017

Apart from your MAH-CET preparation, you should look at other ways of enhancing your chances of getting into a reputed B-school.

Ways to make your MBA application more impressive

Whether you’re preparing for MAH-CET for the first time, or you’re taking it again this year, there are a lot of things you can do to enhance your resume. By gaining relevant skills and knowledge, you can increase your chances of getting into a reputed business school.

Here’s a list of things you could explore and do, alongside your MAH-CET 2017 preparation:

1. Internships:

Gaining any kind of work experience that will enhance your knowledge of practical realities and how things are different in theory and in practise, is always a good idea. Doing internship in an area that you wish to pursue after your MBA would be an ideal thing to do. However, if you are not able to secure one, you could always work in a field that lies closest to your aim. What matters the most when applying to a B-school, is the experience you’ve gained and whether or not you understand the industry expectations and requirements.

2. Virtual Internships:

If you are unable to secure a full-time internship due to lack of opportunities, time or access, then virtual internships are the answer for you. Many organisations let students work on projects or assignments from home. This option would be ideal and easy, if you’re preparing for MAH-CET. Working from the comfort of your home will help you gain some experience and enhance your resume for admission in a B-school.

3. Volunteering:

Volunteering for a non-profit organisation or a social cause close to your heart is a great gateway to learn things that will not be taught in a traditional classroom. Volunteering makes you aware of issues that surround us and ways of dealing with those issues. Volunteering activities help build team spirit, leadership qualities and B-schools always find it impressive if you’ve worked for the well-being of the society.

4. Learn a Skill or Polish the Old Ones:

Learning how to play the guitar or polishing MS Excel skills, it could be anything. What matters the most is that you utilised the time available along with preparing for MAH-CET. Learning something new or practising and becoming better at a skill or hobby that you’re passionate about is a great way to build your resume and overall personality. For example, if you were a good singer in college, you could pursue the same and get better at it, maybe start a YouTube channel and publish videos. No learning or education ever goes waste. Whatever you do is ultimately going to add to your value as a candidate.

5. Online Courses:

There are many platforms providing online courses where you could find one that would be close to your discipline of business and management studies. Courses that enhance your skills like writing, or anything that enhances your knowledge is going to be an add on to your resume as well as your learning when you’re applying to B-schools.

6. Travelling Projects:

Travelling has always been considered the best education and a highly enriching experience. There are several ongoing projects abroad that require volunteers and also offer the luxury and pleasures of travelling and exploring a new place, city, country, etc. While preparing for MAH-CET, you can take off for few months and spend time exploring another country. You can then add international volunteering experience to your resume.

7. Learn a New Language:

Knowing a language other than your mother tongue and English would give a boost to your resume. While preparing for MAH-CET and planning for a career in management and business, it’s always a good idea to know a different language. It gives you an upper hand in terms of international communication skills and looks impressive on the resume.

8. Short Courses:

Local institutions and universities in your city or locality will have some short courses that could be intellectually stimulating and interesting. You can break the monotony of preparing for MAH-CET by studying some other subject. The duration of these short courses could be two to three weeks to two to three months. The aim of doing these short courses would be to take a break from preparing the same subjects and also to build on your knowledge base, intellect and skills, which is always a good idea. If you’ve spent time doing things that add value to your personality and education, it is always a plus on your resume when you’re applying for admission in B-Schools.

9. Apprenticeship:

If you already know what field of management you wish to get into after your MBA, then getting hold of an apprenticeship would also be a good idea. Being an apprentice is a good backup plan, in case you are not satisfied with your MAH-CET performance and wish to take another year to prepare for it. This way, you’ll at least have a position at a company where you are an employee, trained and fit to work. Once you’ve secured employment, you can always sign a contract with them of granting you a study break for your MBA, post which you can resume your job at the company.

If you do not wish to get involved in any formal sector, you can also opt for training and learning under a family friend/ relative who has his/ her own business. Learning about how they started their business and what were their strategies could give you insights into how businesses are managed. Such practical experiences are really helpful when you’re trying to make sense of the theoretical knowledge that is imparted during your MBA course.

10. Teach and Learn:

Giving coaching classes is one of the best ways to keep your brains sharp. If there are school students in your locality, or students, who may be appearing for undergraduate entrance examinations, coaching them for their board exams or entrance examinations, will keep your brain sharp and you will end up revising all the concepts, which will be really helpful while preparing for MAH-CET.

While preparing for the MAH-CET entrance exam, it is important to keep in mind the fact that your admission depends on many other factors such as work experience, initiatives taken in college, academic prowess, etc.  The time you spend preparing for MAH CET can also be utilised in enhancing knowledge, learning a new skill or making a difference to the society. B-schools are interested in knowing what you’re going to bring with you to their institute; so enhancing your abilities and skills will always receive a thumbs up!

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