What After Distance MBA?


Are you pursuing a distance MBA course? Is the question of what to do next giving you nightmares? Read this article to learn how an MBA program can accelerate your career growth. Also, learn about various job opportunities waiting for you in the public and private sectors.

With the growing prominence of MBA courses in India, majority of the students want to take business administration studies at the post graduate level. But some can’t pursue it owing to work commitments or monetary constraints. For such MBA aspirants, Sikkim Manipal University, BR Ambedkar Open University, Indira Gandhi National Open University, and Symbiosis International University, among others, have come to save their dream from dying.

Needless to say, a distance MBA course from the colleges offering Distance MBA can help you give the much required mileage to your career.

Sectors Employing Distance MBAs

A distance MBA course, prepares students to serve various fields, including business finance, accounting, insurance and risk management, and investment. Also, MBA pass outs are well received for posts like finance manager, corporate associate, financial analyst, accounting executive, portfolio manager, credit risk management analyst, compensation and benefits manager and others.

Finance is a major prospect when it comes to opportunities after distance MBA. For this, you also need to possess high analytical ability along with a knack for numbers and balance sheets. Job options in the field of finance include chief financial officer, risk and insurance managers, corporate controllers and others. If you have an interest in the banking field, opportunities like investment bankers and investment banking associates are also open for you.

Many jobs await an MBA beyond typical finance roles, such as human resource manager, human resource consultant, training and development manager, HR generalist, technical recruiter, employee relations manager, staffing director and human resource executive. A career in HR is a great option for distance MBA pass outs who are interested in planning, supervision and people communication. These days, human resources administrators are a necessity in corporate houses, MNCs, colleges or schools.

Moreover, a career in marketing after pursuing distance MBA is a very lucrative option. It has the potential to make you think out of the box and use your skills to the fullest. An MBA pass out can easily serve across the streams of brand management, sales, advertising, market research, and digital media marketing among others.

Further, a distance MBA course in international business can provide opportunities to work in the global market. You can be part of global shipping companies, international consultancy firms, import and export departments of companies, international placement offices and others. You can also step into the shoes of export manager and executive, international business development manager, global business manager, brand manager, international finance manager, etc.

Distance MBA pass outs can find suitable job roles in operations as well. Candidates can apply for jobs like logistics manager, supply chain manager, operations manager, project managers, inventory control manager, etc. After gathering more experience and specialization, you can work as consultant contracts too.

IT management can be another prospect for distance MBA pass outs. To fit into the role of IT manager, who acts as a bridge between the technical staff and other managers in an organisation, people skills are quite essential. Other job profiles in IT management include CTOs (Chief Technology Officers), information technology directors, IT managers or CIOs (Chief Information Officers).

As Media Management is expanding quickly, there are lots of opportunities waiting for distance MBA pass outs who are keen on working in several models of media, including television, print and online/digital. Those interested in Media Management can easily apply of job profiles, including media strategist, media manager, TV producer, digital media assistant, digital media analyst, channel head, and A/V editor among others.

Job Opportunities in Government Sector

According to UGC guidelines, distance MBA students are as much eligible for obtaining employment with the Government of India, as students from regular colleges. After completion of the course, students can apply for a job with Airport Authority of India, Indian Railways, government banks, and public sector undertakings, among others.

Pursuing Other Courses after Distance MBA

Looking at the cut throat competition, many distance MBA pass outs feel the need to continue studies. The best lines that emerge for the ones with business bent of mind are executive MBA, PhD in management, fellow programme in management (FPM), certified bank manager programme, diploma in banking and finance, share market courses, investment banking courses, diploma in marketing management, diploma in human resource management and many more.

Start-up Ideas

Entrepreneurship is another path that can be suitable for some visionaries. New ventures can be kicked off with the knowledge and confidence that you have gathered over the years. After all, being your own boss is what everyone aspires towards.

Placement Cells

For adding value to distance MBA course, many universities are now moving ahead with the idea of setting up placement cells. From multinational companies to top rated organisations, businesses hire management students to contribute towards the organisational growth. It is easy to get registered with these placement cells. Once registered, a student is offered many employment opportunities in their area of interest.

The Final Say

With a pool of opportunities and handsome pay packages, distance MBA courses seem to be one of the best paths to career advancement.

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