What to Expect at Vaayu'15 @ NMIMS Mumbai

Anjani Chaand updated on : 08 Dec 2015

Vaayu 2015 is scheduled to be organised from 9th to 12th December 2015

Vaayu 2015

With 70 events and a footfall of around 30,000 students from various notable institutions of India, Vaayu has become a brand which strives to achieve its objective of talent actualisation through Youth Empowerment. The primary goal of Vaayu in its initial years was to bring about a change in the society. Vaayu has now become one of the most awaited college festivals in Maharastha.

Some of the events by various departments of the NMIMS University, which will be a part of this celebration include:

Gaming & Sports: 

Gaming and Sports as a department looks at giving participants the time of their lives while playing and having fun. Be it the rigorous workouts and sweaty runs on the football turf, or lightning fast flick of the wrist on the digital battlefield, Gaming and Sports gives the participants an amazing platform to showcase their skills, compete against other players and have fun while doing so, simultaneously developing team spirit and coordination skills amongst the team members.

The department is divided into three categories i.e. Sports, Console Gaming and PC Gaming. Each department consists of events that cater to the various genres of gaming and sports. They are a very dynamic and versatile company, with carefully picked members who are masters in their respective departments. When you look at it you wouldn’t believe they are actually working because that’s how effortless they make it look. They believe in the ‘principle of love what you do and do what you love’.

Performing Arts:

If it feels like all the world's a stage and the stage feels like the world to you, this is your chance to prove your mettle! Make eyes pop, jaws drop and hearts stop with your sexy walk, moves and grooves, foot-tapping music and breathtaking acting ability. With undying enthusiasm, Performing Arts is where people would be overwhelmed to enter but never think of exiting. The essence and the value of a moment is never realized unless it becomes a memory, so pave the path for Performing Arts at Vaayu’15 to carry loads of memories back home.


‘Proshows’ is the life of Vaayu. It brings in the element of entertainment, energy and ecstasy. The department performs a various number of activities covering different areas. Proshows is mainly associated with its Pronites. These Pronites are the highlight of the festival, they are larger than life events involving a great deal of planning and coordination. Pronites are the concluding nights of each day that generally include performances by International DJs or Bollywood Singers to whose tunes the crowds dance. These Pronites are preceded by the Proshows that include the Comedy Fest and other shows that the crowd might like watch. These Proshows include live acts by renowned performers. In-between we have small acts known as Pro-fillers, these might include small beatboxing acts to name a few. While Pronites and Proshows take place towards the end of the day, during the day, the department is involved with the – Workshops, Lounge and Pro-exhibits. Amusing workshops are held by experts of their respective domain, that are interesting and educative, both. These may include workshops such as – Segway workshop, trampoline workout, among many others. The lounge is a zone dedicated to recreation. It includes leisurely activities such as show screenings. Pro-exhibits are displays of cars and bikes that are unusual and rare to find on the streets. Other than the core functions of the department, Proshows also performs a few secondary activities such as PR, Marketing and Hospitality related jobs. Proshows looks into Movie Promotions both – on days and pre-fest. For that they contact the Production and Distribution houses and convince them that ours is the best platform for the star cast to come and promote their films.

Glimpse of Vaayu 2014


When normal gets to boring & when comfort gets uncomfortable, it's time to bring out the crazy in you. Because no one does whacky like they do. With events bordering on insanity, the department brings to you arenas so surreal, games so nail biting, that everything you've known will be questioned. Random is here, and it's looking at you.

They are hosting 8 events this year. The Informals committee takes various concepts and games and completely turns them around. They also tie up with sponsors to get equipment for certain special events. For example, this year they have heavy duty remote control cars that have acceleration up to 35 km/hr for the racing event "Fast and the Furious”.

The two flagship events this year are:

Glow Wars: Whats with all that glow? Is this going to be your show? This event takes place in a blacklight arena with glow targets. The thrilling ambience provides a surreal experience. Participants have to flaunt their aiming skills to make their way up the score board. Glow Wars requires precision and accuracy.

Mr. and Ms. Vaayu: Put your talents against the rest. It is the battle of the best. The esteemed judges will judge the participants on various aspects.  Spontaneity and creativity will determine the walk to the wall of fame. A dynamic personality, interesting humour and quick wit will be crowned with the title of MR & MISS VAAYU 2015!!!

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