What is Nanotechnology?

Nitin Rao updated on : 23 Mar 2016

The field of nanotechnology in India is relatively new and promises to open up a variety of career options in the upcoming years!

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is one of newest and fast emerging career options that is gaining popularity among students who are seeking a career in the field of science and technology. It is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale. The technology is the study of understanding and controlling the substance at the nanoscale. Nanotechnology is the form of molecular engineering that measures the dimensions of particles and atoms from 1 to 100 nanometres. Nanotechnology in India is presently at an early stage and is focusing to capture the foremost fields such as electronics, healthcare markets, and other industrial products to start with.

career in nanotechnoloty


Nanotechnology Applications in Medicine:

The uses of nanotechnology are prevalent in various fields such as in medicine, also known as nanomedicine. It aims to bring a revolution in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Nanotechnology applications can be used in the various fields of medicines such as Therapy Techniques, Diagnostic Techniques, Drug Delivery, Anti-Microbial Techniques, Cell Repair etc.

Scope of Nanotechnology:

A career in nanotechnology in India is predicted to be one of the fastest growing careers in the future. Nanotechnology in India is expected to influence all the major sectors such as computer engineering, telecommunication engineering, information technology, aerospace, solar energy and so on. If we talk about the nanotechnology future in our country  which is still a developing country, the field of nanotechnology will take a few years to establish in India, reason being its origin is just about 16 years old!  


Career Options in Nanotechnology:

After pursuing a course in the field of nanotechnology, one can work in the capacity of:

  • Senior Research Officer-Nanotechnology
  • Project Assistant
  • Engineer-Sales/ Service (Electronics, Electrical Instrumentation)
  • Lecturer/ Professor-Nanotechnology
  • Researcher
  • Graphic Designing Professional
  • Senior Knowledge Officer
  • Laboratory Manager

Nanotechnology Colleges in India:

For more colleges of Nanotechnology in India, follow the link below-

Nanotechnology Colleges in India


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