Why Boarding Schools Aren’t Just for Naughty Kids!


The benefits of hostels are many. Those who are interested in knowing them can consider reading the article.

For many, boarding schools still signify a place where naughty kids are sent or a place where kids, who have single parents, go due to lack of care at home.  But it seems alright to live in a hostel to study engineering or medicine.  That is because, that is the way it has been for so many generations-or at least we believe so.

Living in a boarding school (or shall I say a residential school in modern parlance) has its own advantages and is useful to even those who have enough people to care at home or are not naughty, rude and arrogant.  Also, the staff at boarding schools are not power-wielding demonic figures who are all waiting to snatch away innocent children’s independence and punish them, for every small mistake, in an effort to shape them up. 

There are key advantages of studying in boarding schools-especially when one is seriously preparing for some competitive examination. 

Top Reasons to go to Boarding School

  1. Zero travel time as classes (for both school and test preparation) and hostels are under the same roof
  2. Discipline and punctuality as all activities have pre-defined and earmarked time slots. 
  3. Reduction of dependence on parents/guardian as students learn to become more responsible and independent
  4. Post-class study hours are also supervised by teachers which acts as an additional support for students who may need help
  5. Only the most serious students go to boarding schools.  Mischief-mongers prefer less strict, cosier places closer home.  Ergo, one’s peer group would be equally enthusiastic to learn and go on to good Universities for under-graduation.

Most modern boarding schools offer plenty of options for recreation and fun. Besides, students find more time for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Legacy institutions stand the test of time and no great institution can be created overnight.  Several boarding schools may mushroom in your city with the promise of extra-ordinary schooling and coaching for IIT-JEE / NEET, but most of them end up being mediocre.  Institutions have to focus on holistic development of children without compromising on quality of academic delivery.  Take the example of Vikas Vidyaniketan, a world-class, two-decade old boarding school down South at Vishakapatnam (Vizag), Andhra Pradesh.  It boasts of a 1:2 success ratio in IIT-JEE Mains which means 1 in every 2 students qualify.  Batches are limited in size and 50% of the test takers have qualified for further evaluation. 

Vikas is more than just another boarding school.  It is a Mini-India that houses students from different parts of the country.  Its world-class food-courts, contracted to Sodexo, offer wholesome, nutritious and hygienic meals to students.  The fully air-conditioned hostels provide all necessary amenities besides provisions for attached indoor and outdoor sports.  An in-house clinic (with attached ambulance) with doctor on call supports students who are sick.  Each state has a dedicated state counsellor who is responsible for the welfare of the students of that state.  This is besides the numerous floor co-ordinators, study-hour supervisors and student welfare officers who are available round the clock to ensure smooth management of the campus. 

Staying away from home does not necessarily mean a harsh penalty for doing something wrong.  Good kids also go to boarding schools to do better in academics without compromising on sports and other recreational activities.  There are great boarding schools out there which produce better students who go on study at premier institutions in the country and abroad.  It is imperative to find out what suits each individual rather than generalizing a rule.  However, discipline, focus and independence are the key take-away in a boarding school.  So the academic results also would be better than public schools. 

The author, Siddarth Baliga, an alumnus of MIT Manipal & IIM Kozhikode, heads Public Relations of People Combine Educational Initiatives Limited. 

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article by the author are his personal views and has nothing to do with HTcampus.com.

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