Why Do Students Opt For Private Tuition In India?

Sarika Rana updated on : 08 Nov 2016

The rise of private tutors is in tandem with the changing social environment, however, the question remains as to why are we dependent on private tuition in India? Read on!

Most Indian parents believe that private tuitions are necessary for students to get a head start in the competition. With a struggling education system, parents in India want their children to receive help and support by taking tuitions. According to certain estimates in the media, the private coaching industry is about Rs. 2.6 lakh crore worth in the past year.

Many private tutors often complain about the deterioration of the schooling standards in the formal education system. The loopholes and the fault lines in the public education system has led to a far greater emphasis on spending more time in the informal education system – better known in India as the private tuitions.

Most of the children have packed schedules in their schools and face a general fall in study time. It becomes imperative for them to take up extra help after school. Private coaching allows tutors to directly listen to the concerns of the parents about their wards and enables them to focus their energies to help them tide over the difficulties in school learning in an informal setting.

Students who opt for private tuition’s can get special assistance for subjects or specific topics, which they find difficult to understand and need time and patience for comprehension. This is seldom possible in a school set up primarily due to large batch sizes.

Preparing for entrance exams too demands hiring of a private tutor as our education system hardly prepares students for the entrance exam formats. Students already engaged in school or college activities can rely on someone who would help them in preparing for entrance exams to the likes of MAT, CAT, XAT, AIEEE, UPSC etc. outside their prescribed academic schedule.

The rise of private tutors is also in tandem with the changing social environment where we see parents employed in jobs with longer working hours as compared to a decade back. Most students believe that their parents are unable to spend quality time at home with their homework, which leads to lower performance in school. Hectic schedules and increased participation of women in the workforce too has led to most students entering tuition classes and for many grades have thus picked up.

On the other hand, students are being encouraged by formal environments where they can receive personal attention outside of school.

Need of the Hour!

To sum up, changing social environment, increasing competition and need for personal attention has made search for verified private tutors a necessity. This necessity has led to the introduction of a first of its kind mobile-first tutor discovery platform WONK where once can book a verified tutor of their choice at a convenient location.

Article written by Vidhu Goyal, Co-Founder, WONK


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