Why Internships are Essential for Graduates?

Sarika Rana updated on : 19 Dec 2016

Here is a guide to let you know how internships are one of the foundations of your career. Read on!

Why internships are essential for graduates

As more and more students graduate every year and enter the job market, one important differentiator defines the suitability of their candidature for a particular vacancy they apply for.

This differentiator is the prior practical experience, also known as hands on experience, apprenticeship or more commonly, internship. Whereas many professional courses have a built -in the module of paid internship in their curriculums, many others do not have it compulsorily.

It would be no exaggeration to say that internship acts like a savior for young college graduates before they enter the competitive job market. Read on to know some of the major advantages of internship:


Students with prior internship experiences have a better understanding of the real life job scenarios and already have baseline experience of a particular industry. They are more suitable for a job considering they already have some knowledge about it and will require a lesser amount of training and onboarding time.


Professional networking is one of the most important facets of a career these days, almost as important as gaining experience. Through internship experiences, students interact with other professionals in the same field who might consider them for filling any vacancies in the future or to refer them to others.


Most of the internships these days are paid, which can take care of a good amount of pocket expenses. The candidates with an internship experience can command higher wages once out in the job market. Typically, a candidate with some work experience in terms of the internship is more likely to be selected in comparison to somebody with zero experience and is also expected to be paid more. Earning one’s own money makes one more financially responsible and prudent. It also provides basic knowledge of the taxation, banking system etc. at the same time.

Test a career out

The theoretical knowledge no doubt does a good job in acquainting the students with a particular work academically; the real test is actually on job. The internship is like a glimpse of the actual on-job scenario. It gives a valuable insight to the students to understand whether or not they are suited for a particular job and if they would like to make it a lifelong career. It is quite true that many industries and professions are different from what they actually look like, and until one experiences it first hand, it is not easy to understand whether one can fully commit one’s lifetime into that particular profession or industry. For many, it is also a good time to try out their hand at something other than their professional/ academic area of expertise and understand if they are more suitable or interested in some other career.

You will build motivation and gain confidence

Facing the work world is not an easy task but an internship will teach you many skills and you will also feel more confident.

So young graduates leaving college armed with just a degree is not enough to get a great job. The degree is important but internships make a big difference!

Article Written by- Mr.Vishesh Goyal, CEO of MeetCareer.com


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