Why New & Advanced M.Tech Courses Have Much Wider Scope In Future?


Some new and advanced M.Tech courses help students hone their skills and get better, rewarding career options.

M.Tech Courses have much wider scope In future?

In India, with more than 700 Universities and 40,000 colleges enrolling more than 30 million students every year,  that has made our Indian higher Education much more diverse and complex.  More than 80% of students strive to get admission in Bachelor's Engineering/Technology degree programs that have a strong corporate exposure & placement assistance. As per the survey conducted by Sandip University, 1/6th of students opt for right fit masters Program to create a successful academic career with a lucrative pay package.

In a competitive scenario, the majority of the students after the graduation starts applying in various companies for better job opportunities, gets while get recruited through campus drive or internal placement cell usually designed for management studies.There is a rat race among various educational institutes to stay ahead of the competition. Let’s have a glance on how you can make a Lavishing and successful career with the wide range of M.Tech Courses in India with great scope in terms of career and salary packages.

  •  In India, almost every university has some of the academic relationships/ knowledge partners /international tie-ups in order to persuade with excellence. Sandip University is one of the leading universities in Nashik with 250+ acre campus having world-class facilities has collaborated with various foreign institutions and universities for Master’s Program that includes consistent support from application to the departure of orientation. In addition to this, there is also a provision for undergraduate and graduate students, exchange of faculty, staff members and consultancy activities, cooperation in quality assurance, collaboration education expert.
  •   Sandip University firmly believes in the source of greater collective knowledge network, so that every student experience the fruitful right-fit program, when it comes to M.Tech courses In India.

TopFuture-friendly M.Tech Courses

  •  M.Tech.(Cloud Technology and Information Security)
  •  M.Tech.(Structural Engineering)
  •  M.Tech.(Construction Management)
  •  M.Tech.(Transportation Engineering)
  •  M.Tech.(Environmental Engineering)
  •  M.Tech.(Town Planning)
  •  M. Tech.(Electrical Power system)
  •  M.Tech.(Power Electronics & Drives)
  •  M.Tech.(Design Engineering)
  •  M.Tech.(Mechatronics)
  •  M.Tech.(Thermal Engineering)
  •  M.Tech.(Geo Technical Engineering)

Above courses will help the students to invoke more job employment opportunities, along with that the scope for the industry to carry out research. In addition to this, the aspirant will serve as a budding entrepreneur & have practical aspect rather than just theory

After pursuing this Evergreen Career in Mtech program, you get the first priority in a job that pays you a good salary. In addition to this, you are availed with plenty of opportunities in govt. companies as well. As per our research, most of the private companies have a salary range between Rs 6 lakh to Rs 8 lakh per annum as a trainee. As you move up, in the terms of hierarchy management ranks, your pay can go up to Rs 20 lakh to Rs30 lakh per annum.

All of the above-mentioned suggestion and M.Tech Engineering programs are time & again being reviewed by Sandip University in Nashik.  To an extent, you get a chance to improve your domain skills by having a practical experience after the completion of the course, however, choice of the company depends on the percentile and the technical skills proven at the time of Interview.

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