7 Effective Tips on Becoming a Successful Wildlife Photographer

Vinod Sharma updated on : 17 May 2016

For a successful career in wildlife photography in India, passion is what you need to keep you going.

To make a career in wildlife photography in India rewarding, you should be passionate about it. Wildlife photography is one of the professions that enable you to do what you love the most and earn a living out of it. You get a chance to use your time, efforts and skills in a way most of the professionals dream but somehow fail to. Undoubtedly, wildlife photography demands aspirants to put in stern efforts. However, the reward at the latter stage surely outweighs them. Here are some important tips for those who want to be successful wildlife photographers.

Have interest in photography

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To be successful as a professional wildlife photographer, it is imperative that you have considerable knowledge of the field and liking for it. Interest in the field will help you learn new things with each passing day and chisel your photography skills.

Keep quality tools of the trade

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Another important thing when pursuing a career in wildlife photography in India is to keep the quality camera and lens. This might be a big investment initially but will pay back in the long run. The next thing to do is to play with the setting of your camera and experiment with it. More you are familiar with camera settings and expert in using equipment, closer it will bring you to the perfection.

Get a professional degree

While some will recommend you to have a professional degree in wildlife photography, many may deem it futile for being a successful artist. Other than taking classes in a reputable institute or even at accredited online school, continue taking photographs from different angles and perspective. Hands-on experience is always better than the bookish knowledge.

Be an apprentice

You can always go to the local newspapers and photographers with your photos to enquire if they need an apprentice. While some professionals dealing in wildlife photography in India might not be too enthusiastic about training their potential competitors, many still accept talented newcomers in the field with open hands. Being an apprentice, you get a chance to shoot the secondary photographs at weddings and other important occasions. In addition to this, you will know how to use the equipment for the best results.


Practice photographing animals

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To develop the art of photographing animals, you need to invest considerable time, efforts and resources. To picture animals in their natural habitat is far more difficult to picture humans. Therefore, more time you invest and experience you gain in wildlife photography in India, more successful you become with the passage of time.  

Read about the wildlife

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Knowledge always pays and rightly so. This is also relevant to those who want to build a successful career in wildlife in India. To be a proficient wildlife photographer, it is of utmost importance to know your subjects, their natural habitat, movement time, etc. You can always use books, insights from friends in the profession and other resources to know about different animals. You can also consider attending seminars, classes and other related events to enrich your knowledge.

Consider choosing animals less covered 

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They say, the path less travelled is difficult but brings you closer to your goal quickly. Therefore, those who choose areas and wildlife species less photographed as their potential subjects, get an edge over the other. 

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