"World of Charts - Is Risk Getting Riskier?" :Seminar at NLDIMSR, Mumbai

HTCampus Expert updated on : 15 Sep 2015

Seminar on “World of Charts-Is risk getting riskier?" at N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies & Research, Mira Road, Mumbai on 11, 2015


The simpler you keep your analysis or anything in life, the happier you will be” – quotes Mr. Akshay Chinchalkar; South Asia Specialist for Charts, Technical Analysis and Data visualizations at Bloomberg Mumbai and the key note speaker at the seminar organized by the finance forum of N.L Dalmia Institute of Management Studies & Research on Friday, September 11, 2015. Mr. Chinchalkar, a charismatic speaker, conducted a session on the World of Charts – Is risk getting riskier. He enlightened young minds of NLDIMSR with his vast knowledge and experience in Technical Analysis.

Mr. Chinchalkar touched upon various ongoing affairs in the global arena and the reaction of the stock markets to it. He threw light upon how china’s pain cannot be India’s gain and how the recent slowdown in China and the devaluation of Yuan is affecting the world economy as a whole. Mr. Akshay actively involved students in the session and discoursed his knowledge on various tools of technical analysis and its relevance today. When anything on the chart is obvious, it is obviously wrong and hence, it’s the interpretation of charts that matters and not the charts themselves. He exhibited his understanding of graphs and charts and how he elucidates them. He also touched upon the management of risk and related aspects of technical trades.

The seminar concluded with Prof. Dr. Anil Gor appreciating and felicitating the key note speaker.  One of the finest guest speakers at NLDIMSR, Mr. Akshay received an enchanted response from the students, looking forward to many more sessions on this topic with him. 


Source: Gayatri N. Bhatia, HT Campus Specialist

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