Syllabus at UG and PG Level

Syllabus for Diploma in French:

As prescribed by various universities and colleges, syllabus for diploma in French includes four papers namely Paper A, B, C and D. Each paper has its own questions such as writing simple letters in French, questions on applied grammar and literature, comprehension of passages, oral presentation, reading and conversation, commentary on a visual or picture and internal assessment.

Syllabus for Advanced Diploma in French:

As prescribed by various universities and colleges, Syllabus for Advanced Diploma in French includes various subjects of study such as French language for specific purpose and translation, advanced use of French language in conversations, oral and written simulations through group discussions, interviews, surveys, etc., and social-cultural issues of contemporary interest drawing from cinema, journalistic, semi literary and literary texts.

Syllabus for Certificate Course in French:

The syllabus for Certificate Course in French includes Communication (expressing and exchanging information or interacting on certain topics such as introduction, greetings, congratulatory messages, making a reservation, fixing an appointment, etc.), Phonetics (pronunciation, accent, intonation), Grammar (sentence construction, framing questions, nouns, articles, verbs, etc.).

Syllabus for Undergraduate Course

  • BA (French): The course includes six semesters with subjects of study, including Francais Fundamentals I, Histoire De France, Informatique, Ecrit Creatif, Scientific French, Linguistique, Documents Authentiques and Prose.
  • BA Honors (French): It includes six semesters with subjects of study such as Communicative Grammar, Oral Expression, Introduction to Literature, Language in Writing, Translations and Concurrent-Credit language.

Syllabus for Postgraduate Course

Studying MA in French will make you learn about history of French literature from the Renaissance to the French Revolution, linguistics, theory of translation and practical translation, history of French literature, novel, poetry, methodology, Literary doctrines in France, Francophone literature, contemporary French literature, literary doctrines in France, French literary criticism, and introduction to French cinema.


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