Subjects underBachelor’s level home science courses can be classified into three main categories, including nutrition, family resource management, and human development.    Being interdisciplinary in nature, one has to learn the fundamentals of Chemistry, Physics and Biology as part of the syllabus. Subjects like Nutrition, Dietetics, Child Development, Inter Decoration, Rural Community Extension, Entrepreneurship, Food Preservation, Research Methodology, Personality Development, Fashion Designing, Written Communication and Computer Fundamentals, among others, are part of the course matter across all degree levels.



BSc Home Science

Home Science Education, Community Development, Personal Empowerment, Textile Science and Fabric Care, Computer Fundamentals, Dynamics of Marriage and Family, Written Communication, Elements of Food Science, Clothing Construction, Community Nutrition, Sociology, Human Physiology, Programs For Rural and Urban Development, Health, Microbiology, Nutritional Biochemistry and Entrepreneurship Management, among others

BSc (Honors) Home Science

Introduction to Foods, Human Development, Family Resource Management, Human
Nutrition, Introduction to
Clothing Textiles, Interior
Design, Consumer Economics, Fashion Designing, Human Science Extension Education, Clothing Construction, Advanced Human Development,
Consumer Products Safety and Legislation,  and Statistics and Research Method

BA in Home Science

Home Management and Housing, Child Development, Extension Education, Textiles, Fundamentals of Food and Nutrition, and Dietetics

BEd Home Science

Educational Psychology, Educational Theory, Health Education, Modern Indian Education its Development and Recent History, Adolescent Education and Education for Mental Health, among others

At Post Graduate Level




MSc in Home Science

Research Methods, Clinical and Therapeutic Nutrition, Extension Management and Media Production, Child and Human Rights, Entrepreneurship, Statistics and Computer Application, Advertising and Marketing, Apparel Design, Scientific Writing, Communication Development, Environment Management, and Residential and Interior Space Design, among others

MA in Home Science

Energy Management and Household Equipment, Clothing and Textile, Child Development, Ergonomics, Rural Sociology and Rural Development among others


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