Early Salary

1 - 2 L

Mid Salary

3 - 4 L

Senior Salary

10 - 12 L

Academic Pressure


Job Pressure


A positive attitude towards astrology is a pre-requisite for any aspiring astrologer. Knowledge of psychology and good mathematical skills are essential in this field. Also, presence of mind and an analytical approach always helps. Those who intend to become astrologers should be aware of their surroundings, be clued-up on current affairs and the changing socioeconomic values of different sections of society. Knowledge of mythology and Sanskrit helps in understanding the scriptures and in analysing critical cases and issues. The greatest challenge in this profession is communicating bad news to the client. It is here that your communication skills come to the fore. The truth needs to be told but not at the cost of hurting the client. 

What do they do?

If future events fascinate you and you want to find out what’s destined for tomorrow, or if you believe that every planet has an effect on every individual on earth, then you have everything it takes to be an astrologer. An astrologer looks at your horoscope and makes your birth chart. He/she helps an individual understand all about him by reading his natal chart and advises people on issues related to personal growth, relationships, finances, career, health, business, wedding and countless other activities. 

Skills Needed

  • An astrologer has the required skills to interpret an astrological chart — a skill that comes with practice and experience
  • He has to be a good counsellor and be able to communicate astrological knowledge in a manner easily understood by clients
  • Should have the ability to effectively communicate all types of news to the clients without upsetting them

How do I get there?

Anybody can get interested in astrology. There is no age limit. Those interested in studying the subject seriously can pursue a BA or an MA in astrology. They can even pursue research in the field depending on their interest

Typical day in the life of a Astrologer

9am: Reach office 10am: Write predictions 11am: Attend office meetings 1pm: Complete writing predictions for the next two days
2pm - 5pm: Study charts and work on calculations 6pm: Leave for home
8pm - 9.30pm: Consult clients and offer advice at home/over phone

Pros & Cons about this career

An astrologer can prepare a client to overcome the worst He helps him be in control of his life and the events around it He can help him understand himself better and counsel him on issues such as personal and professional growth
You can face a lot of struggle in establishing yourself Remuneration is not much in initial years.

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