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	astrology career

Astrology is basically a study of the movements and relative position of the celestial objects to dig out information about human affairs and earthy events. Astrologers are people who study and practice astrology to predict future by understanding celestial points and placements. There are also various specializations under this field like western astrology, Hindu astrology, Chinese and East Asian astrology, etc.

To be an astrologer one must have done a professional course in astrology. Certain attributes like good understanding of human psychology, analytical approach, etc. are needed in this profession. The person should also have interest in Sanskrit and scriptures for practising Hindu astrology. Various institutes offer certificate and diploma courses in Astrology like Jyotish Alankar, Jyotish Acharya, etc. These courses are generally for one year and cost around INR 20,000/-.

After acquiring formal qualification, one can start practising Astrology under a senior astrologer. This would give them the taste of the practical world and help them to decide their course of future.  It would also give them on-the-job experience that would help them to enrich their thoughts and predictions.

Self-employment is one of the options available to qualified astrologers. Some people even choose to practice Astrology on part-time basis. Growth opportunities are abundant in this field and are based on the accuracy of the prediction. Astrologers can earn up to INR 5,000 for each prediction. Astrologers are also in high demand abroad. 

What do they do?

The points that are given below describe what does an astrologer do?

  • An Astrologer is basically supposed to make predictions based on the position of the celestial bodies.
  • They must maintain a clientele and have a data base
  • Take appointments of the clients as per their own schedule
  • Make client’s birth charts and other charts, ephemeris and understand horoscope for efficient operations
  • Casting prognosis relating to selected matters, problems, aptitudes, events, etc. relating to an individual or a group
  • Do counselling related to specific spheres, such as health, love, marriage, business, transactions,  job opportunities, etc.
  • Offer guidance on a personal level
  • Conduct research and statistical calculations with modern tools and technology
  • Must use modern soft wares for accurate readings and resolutions
  • Must communicate everything to the client, whether good or bad

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Skills Needed

  • An astrologer has the required skills to interpret an astrological chart — a skill that comes with practice and experience
  • He has to be a good counsellor and be able to communicate astrological knowledge in a manner easily understood by clients
  • Should have the ability to effectively communicate all types of news to the clients without upsetting them

How do I get there?

Anybody can get interested in astrology. There is no age limit. Those interested in studying the subject seriously can pursue a BA or an MA in astrology. They can even pursue research in the field depending on their interest

Typical day in the life of a Astrologer

9am: Reach office 10am: Write predictions 11am: Attend office meetings 1pm: Complete writing predictions for the next two days
2pm - 5pm: Study charts and work on calculations 6pm: Leave for home
8pm - 9.30pm: Consult clients and offer advice at home/over phone

Pros & Cons about this career

An astrologer can prepare a client to overcome the worst He helps him be in control of his life and the events around it He can help him understand himself better and counsel him on issues such as personal and professional growth

You can face a lot of struggle in establishing yourself Remuneration is not much in initial years.

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