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Foundation Program: For successful completion, a candidate has to pass a total of four papers namely Ethics and Communication, Business Environment and Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Business Economics, and Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing.

For Executive Program, there are seven subjects which are divided into two modules. The first module comprises of Company Law, Economic and Commercial Laws, Tax Laws and Practice, and Cost and Management Accounting. The second module consists of papers namely Industrial Labour and General Laws, Capital Markets and Securities Laws, and Company Accounts and Auditing Practices.

The syllabus for Professional Program of company secretary courses consists of three modules featuring nine compulsory papers, and an elective paper, which can be chosen from the list prescribed by the institute.

The subjects in the first module are Corporate Restructuring, Valuation and Insolvency, Advanced Company Law and Practice, Secretarial Audit, Compliance Management and Due Diligence, while the second module comprises of Information Technology and Systems Audit, Financial, Treasury and Forex Management, and Ethics, Governance and Sustainability. Further, the third module features Advanced Tax Laws, and Practice, Drafting, Appearances and Pleadings.

The list of electives from which any one subject can be chosen includes:

International Business-Law and Practices

Banking Law and Practice

Capital Commodity and Money Market

Intellectual Property Rights-Law and Practice

Insurance Law and Practice


As part of the curriculum, a candidate has to undergo the following training programs offered by the institute:

A 7-day Student Induction Program (SIP) has to be undertaken within six months of registration with the institute for the Executive Program.

A compulsory computer-training program of 70-hour duration has to be taken prior to enrolling in the Executive Program.

On successful completion of the Executive Program, all candidates are required to take up an 8-day Executive Development Program (EDP) before undertaking the mandatory 15-month training.

During the 15 months of training, candidates have to participate in the Professional Development Program (PDP) for a minimum of 25 hours.

The 15-month mandatory training period is stipulated by the institute after passing the Executive Program or the Professional Program of company secretary courses, as well as the successful completion of SIP and EDP. Various companies and company secretaries in practice registered with the institute are qualified to impart training.

A 3-month practical training after the Professional Program examination will have to be undertaken by those who have not undergone the required 15-month training program as prescribed by the institute.

All candidates have to undergo a specialised training for a period of 15 days after the completion of SIP, EDP and the 15-month training mandated after passing the professional program in an approved agency like financial/banking institutions, stock exchange, or management consultancy firms.

Lastly, a 15-day Management Skills Orientation Program (MSOP) has to be attended by all the candidates who have passed the Professional Program and undergone the 15-month training.

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