The word auctioneer, for many people, conjures an image of a fast-talking pitch man, holding a gavel who can entice you into bidding on a glass of ice water in the dead of winter. While bid-calling is the most crucial part of an auctioneer’s job, it is only a minor aspect of what he or she does. An auctioneer plays several roles – such as that of an office manager, public relations manager, accountant, and coordinator, to name a few. Though auctioneering looks like a lucrative profession, success in this industry is not a sure thing. A combination of training, skills and determination can be helpful.

Job Aspects : Analytical, Attention to detail, Fast Paced, Intellectually Challenging, People Skills

Job Pressure Medium

Academic Pressure Medium

  • Early Salary

    2 - 3 L

  • Mid Level Salary

    5 - 6 L

  • Senior Salary

    8 - 10 L

What do they do?

As an Auctioneer you will be responsible for selling various items at public sales which are held by court orders. The items may include livestock, real estate, industrial equipment, artifacts et al. Your responsibility would be to describe the item to be auctioned before a sale and ask for opening bids. You will be paid on commission basis. You will also be responsible for advertising sales in newspapers, on the radio, in trade magazines via social media and by mailing out circulars to probable clients.  

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