IAF Pilot: Daring Eagles

IAF Pilot: Daring Eagles

An IAF pilot is trained in air-to-air combat while flying a fighter plane. His/her job entails accomplishing a mission, which includes attacking the enemy’s base or rescuing soldiers/civilians.

Job Aspects : Accountability, Decision Making, Ethical, Intellectually Challenging, People Skills

Job Pressure High

Academic Pressure High

  • Early Salary

    3 - 4 L

  • Mid Level Salary


  • Senior Salary


What do they do?

Being an IAF Pilot is extremely challenging and responsible job. You have to learn to be on your own. In some squadrons, one has to master night flying, with all take-offs happening after sunset and landings before sunrise. An officer has to undergo several tests and eliminations before s/he is put in a flying role. Others have to settle in the allied areas. You will also be required to perform some peace-keeping missions on and off. Some air force pilots fly a crew to carry out bombing missions and/or deliver supplies. But the majority of trained pilots are put in combat roles.


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