Interior Designer

Interior Designer

Interior design involves work on various projects to transform your working or living space and make it comfortable for use and aesthetically appealing,  at the same time, keeping in mind the safety factor. Working closely with clients and architects, an interior designer combines technical knowledge with artistry to execute his or her projects. 

Job Aspects : Creative, Fast Paced, Glamour, People Skills, Physical Labour

Job Pressure High

Academic Pressure Medium

  • Early Salary

    3 - 4 L

  • Mid Level Salary

    4 - 5 L

  • Senior Salary

    Above 25 L

What do they do?

From concept to completion, an interior designer has to be involved in all stages of the project. There is an unprecedented opportunity for growth in this industry. One only has to look at the new constructions — mixed-use residential developments, boutique homes, malls, hotels etc — coming up across the country. Nowadays, real estate developers hire specialised interior consultants to add value to their property through well designed and theme-based interiors, which are engineered towards their client’s lifestyle.


As an Interior Designer you will be designing living and commercial areas and will have to manage various things at a go. You will be working according to a client’s demands, interest and taste. As a part of the project you will have to survey various buildings, have to go from places to places in search of right material for decorating a place. You will be estimating material requirements and negotiate with clients for fees. You can also become an advisor wherein you can advise a client on areas such as space planning, layout utilisation of furnishings and equipments.  

Job Description of an Interior Designer

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