Museologists: Connecting with Past

Museologists: Connecting with Past

Museologists work in museums and galleries, both government and private, as curators, museum educationists, exhibition coordinators, consultants, among other roles. Today, many large corporate houses have museums too.

Job Aspects : Attention to detail, Ethical, Organisation skills

Job Pressure Low

Academic Pressure Low

  • Early Salary

    2 - 3 L

  • Mid Level Salary


  • Senior Salary


What do they do?

Although museology sounds academic and began with museum theory and practice, today it is much more hands-on and people-centric. While object documentation, preventive conservation, display and interpretation methods, storage, security still remain at the core, the focus today is centred on the museum users. Museums need footfalls and museum professionals today need updated know-how regarding visitor behaviour patterns, market segments, branding, education, and publicity. Many museologists are subject experts on the collections they handle. For example modern art, ancient history, numismatics (coins), textiles, botany, zoology, or even a period or place in history. The key point is that museologists should be passionate about the objects and collections they handle, and use them to spread enjoyment and knowledge, making museums a fun place to visit.


Skills and Education needed

Skills Needed

    • A grounding in a basic subject like history, art history, (science if you intend to work in a science museum)
    • Management skills, communication skills, visualisation skills
    • You must have research and writings skills, understand the material and be able to re-write or translate it for your audiences, both inside and outside the museum

How do I get there?

Graduates in various disciplines can enrol for a master’s in museology. Candidates with a bachelor’s or master’s in history, ancient history, archaeology, anthropology, Sanskrit, fine arts, physics, chemistry, botany, zoology, geology, earth science, agriculture, environmental science, and marine science can apply. Check individual institution’s requirements as well.

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