Portfolio Manager: Investment Guru

Portfolio Manager: Investment Guru

If you are highly analytical and have a love of the financial markets and the ever-changing world of current events, then a career as a portfolio manager is for you. Portfolio managers basically manage money across various asset classes like debt equity real estate on behalf of the clients, within the mandates given by them. S/he is required to generate returns which are better than the benchmark index over the period of time. It is extremely important for him/her to win the trust and confidence of the client to retain their money for long term.

Job Aspects : Analytical, Communication Skills, Intellectually Challenging, Multi tasking, People Skills, Professional Degree

Job Pressure High

Academic Pressure High

  • Early Salary


  • Mid Level Salary

    1 - 2 L

  • Senior Salary


What do they do?

A long-term track record of performing benchmark index and making money for the client are the hallmark of a good portfolio manager. The ability to manage risk is essential.


Skills and Education needed

Skills Needed

    • Ability to work for long hours
    • Excellent analyticalskills
    • Good observation skills

How do I get there?

Minimum qualification required is a bachelor’s degree in finance or economics. Courses in capital markets and interest rates, financialstatement analysis and portfolio management can be helpful. You can also get a master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in finance or economics.

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