Voice Over Artist

Voice Over Artist

You might not be aware of the term but you meet these artists everyday whenever you switch on your TV sets or go for a movie. Yes, the voices behind those shows on discovery or national geographic or any news story are done by Voice over Artists only. In fact, the voice you here in Delhi Metro everyday which informs you about next station is also done by voice over artists. Voice over artists read scripts for movies, internet voice files, CD ROMs and radio and TV commercials. They may also narrate audio books, phone system hold messages and corporate or industrial videos. 

Job Aspects : Accountability, Attention to detail, Creative, Goal Focussed, People Skills, Physical Labour

Job Pressure Medium

Academic Pressure Medium

  • Early Salary

    1 - 2 L

  • Mid Level Salary

    3 - 4 L

  • Senior Salary

    5 - 6 L

What do they do?

As a voice-over artiste narrates documentaries, corporate videos — from product use to joint venture presentations, from safety videos to cellphone prompts and TV serial intros and recaps, radio commercials. Simply put, being a voice artiste means converting written word to audio. You just need to sit in front of a microphone, say some words and collect an enviable remuneration before you leave for home. And the fame is a welcome bonus! Making a career in so small a space, however, can be fraught with pitfalls, as there are many people competing for a very few openings. For those who are thinking of a career in voice recordings, however, the work space is expanding. In recent times, the entertainment industry has grown and matured enough to attract serious attention. One can also go for voice acting and radio jockeying. If you are versatile, you can be master of it all.

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