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Reasons to join

  • MHRD has rated Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science as one of the leading private Universities in Engineering & Technology in Tamil Nadu (Source: MHRD Website)

  • Hindustan University is ranked one among top 50 Private Colleges/Universities in India. (Source : The New Indian Express,11th July 2011)

  • Hindustan University is ranked one among top 25 Private Colleges/Universities in South India. (Source : The New Indian Express, 11th July 2011)

  • Hindustan University is ranked two among the top private Engineering institutions in Chennai; AAA rating for our university (Source: digital Learning).

  • Hindustan University – School of Management has secured rank 30 among best Business schools in South India, rank 12 among the best Business schools in state of Tamil Nadu and rank six among best Business Schools in Chennai (Source: The Week-MaRS Survey of Business Schools 2012)

  • Hindustan University has secured rank 20 in India along with IITs and other engineering institutions from across the country in terms of placements/Industry Interface/USP. In Top Engineering Colleges of Excellence category and Top Private Engineering Colleges, Hindustan University is ranked 13 in India. At State level, Hindustan University is ranked three among Private Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu. (Source: GHRD – CSR)

  • Hindustan University is ranked three among the Top Private Institutions in Chennai. Hindustan University is ranked 11 among the Top Private Institutions in Tamil Nadu. (Source: C Fore – Educationworld.in)

  • Hindustan University is graded “A” at the National level along with IIT, NIT, Deemed Universities and others. Hindustan University is graded “AA+” in the state of Tamil Nadu along with IIT, NIT, Deemed Universities and others, Ranked 11 in the State of Tamil Nadu. Hindustan University is ranked 3 in Chennai along with IIT, Deemed Universities and others. (Source: Careers 360)

  • Hindustan University is ranked 32 at all India level, 22 in South India, 10 in Tamil Nadu, and 4 in Chennai. (Source: Way2College).

  • School of Management, Hindustan University awarded the Best B School in South India (Source: Trinity Mirror, 7th March 2014).

Available college facilities

The University’s infrastructure is well furnished with all modern facilities including well equipped labs, separate hostels for both boys and girls, well stocked library, fully furnished classrooms. Also Co-curricular activities like clubs, yoga & meditation, sports & games are encouraged to create a healthy mind and a youthful soul. Canteen & dining that is nutritious yet well-balanced in diet is also provided. It provides apt environment for Industry interaction, pursuit of Corporate Relations and also Projects and Placement activities.

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A variety of teaching and learning techniques are employed to impart knowledge and skills to students at Hindustan University in its various departments.


SC / ST Scholarship Government of India Those candidates, who are Indian citizens belonging to Tamilnadu and who have passed the School leaving examination, namely Higher Secondary / Indian School Certificate etc, are eligible for this scholarship. The income of the parents should not exceed Rs. 100000/- per annum. The scholarship is renewable from year to year within the stages of education. The candidates should not be in receipt of another scholarship / assistance from other sources Dr. K.C.G. Verghese Memorial Foundation Scholarships/Aid In fond memory of our Founder & Chairman Dr. K. C. G. Verghese and for the yeomen services he had rendered to the Society, a Public Charitable Foundation has been created in his name. It is proposed to offer financial aid to meritorious and deserving students towards their education and medical relief to the poor. For further details on the subject, the Head Office of the University may be contacted. Merit Scholarship Merit Scholarships are awarded to toppers in the University Examinations of different branches by the Management. For details the meritorious students may contact the Dean (Students Affairs). Sports Scholarship Hindustan University is renowned for its academic and sports excellence and no stone has been left unturned in this arena at both the national and global levels. The School of Sports and Games of Hindustan University opens its door to fresh talent every year. The institution has given prime importance to enroll the students those who have excelled in sports under the Sports Quota over the years. More than 300 students have obtained their admission through Sports Scholarship. Criteria for selection: The student who has performed & achieved accolades at the National, Inter-University and State Levels in all disciplines can apply in the month of April every year along with his/her Merit Certificates. Orientation All first time freshmen are required to attend a University Orientation session for a full day in the campus. This is just to help the freshmen to make the academic transition form high school to University. Orientation session is normally held a day before the actual commencement of classes and the attendance is compulsory for all students.

More about Hindustan Institute of Technology & Science, Chennai

Hindustan establishment of Technology and Science is one in every of the foremost wanted engineering establishments in Madras, putative for its extremely qualified and toughened school and glorious infrastructural facilities for info and further info activities, the University has maintained associate degree desirable educational excellence right from its origination. the scholar community includes of scholars from everywhere Bharat and Overseas. It's mission is to produce each individual with a contributory setting appropriate to attain his / her career goals, with a powerful stress on temperament development, and to supply the academically inclined the resources to realize quality education all told spheres of engineering, applied sciences and management, while not compromising the standard and code of ethics to every student of the establishment.

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