K. J. Somaiya Polytechnic
Mumbai , Maharashtra

Established in :1963

Accredited by: AICTE
Affiliated to:Other

Available College Facilities :Computer Labs, Practical Labs, Modern Classrooms, Library, Canteen / Cafeteria, Playground / Sports Outlet

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About K. J. Somaiya Polytechnic

K. J. Somaiya Polytechnic (KJSP) is preparing passionate and socially responsible students for the nation. The KJSP is an autonomous polytechnic came into existence in the year 1963 for shaping sound quality engineers. The prominent polytechnic imparts engineering diploma programmes for its students. All the programmes of the KJSP are approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The polytechnic is administrated by a Governing Body and has representatives from Government of India, Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education & the parent Somaiya Trust. The curriculum of all the programmes are carefully designed according to the latest technical information of the industries. The curriculum is approved by the Board of Studies, which includes eminent persons both from Industry & Institute.
Apart from this excellent placement, Industrial Visits, Guest Lectures & technical seminars and Entrepreneurship Development Cell makes KJSP distinguishable from other education engineering institute. The vision of the K. J. Somaiya Polytechnic is to become center of excellence with the highest level of achievement in Technical education.

Courses Offered at KJSP Polytech Mumbai

K. J. Somaiya Polytechnic (KJSP) offers ideal diploma programmes. All the programmes of the Polytechnic are approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The programmesimparts excellent knowledge for the future engineers and hones their innovative & desiging skills for making new products.

Courses After 10th (8)
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering

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  • Diploma in Computer Engineering

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  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

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  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering - Part Time

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  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering

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  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering – Part Time

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  • Diploma in Industrial Electronics

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  • Diploma in Industrial Electronics - Part Time

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Placements at KJSP Polytech Mumbai

KJSP has an excellent placement cell, which works as a bridge between industry and KJSP and maintain fruitful relationship with them. The placement cell of the KJSP trains its students excellently for the top notch firms. For making each student dexterous KJSP organizes various activities likes special guest lecturers from industries, workshops, seminars etc. The placement cell invites top leading firms in KJSP for the recruitment process and select candidate for their organization. The objective of the placement cell is to act as catalyst between the Industry & student to fulfill their demand.

  • Average Salary

    2.8 Lakhs

Top Visiting Companies

  • Larsen & Toubro Ltd
  • Mukund Ltd.
  • Mukat Group
  • Mahanagar Gas Ltd
  • SRP Group
  • QWAVE Solutions
  • Viraj Alloys
  • Unity Infraprojects Ltd.
  • Otis Ltd

Available College Facilities

The campus of the KJSP is well developed and kit out with amenities like canteen, ATM & bank, auditorium facility. KJSP Polytechnic is encircled by the lush green environment which makes academics conducive for the learners. KJSP has a well constructed edifice comprises classrooms, library, labs, seminar room for various activities. 

Laboratory Facilities

K. J. Somaiya Polytechnic (KJSP) has a contemporary computer laboratory equipped with the latest computing and networking facilities exclusively for the ambitious students of all programmes, it also has various latest soft ware’s, scanner, printer tools as per the needs of academics environment.


The libraries of the KJSP are a paradise of knowledge bringing positive thoughts in the minds of students & readers. KJSP has four libraries namely K. J. Somaiya Polytechnic library, K. J. Somaiya Polytechnic (Part –Time), K. J. Somaiya Polytechnic (Unaided), Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University Library. The libraries assist faculty and learners in their various programmes. The library has a colossal collection of engineering, science and humanities, which hones learner intellectual skills in their respective domains.

Classroom Facilities

K. J. Somaiya Polytechnic (KJSP) classrooms are fully air-conditioned and well equipped with all modern audio-visual instruments like projectors, whiteboards, Wi-Fi connectivity and Public Addressing Systems. The facilities make learning conducive for the students and provide more practical knowledge about their programmes.

Recreational Facilities

KJSP Imparts sports facilities for its students, which makes them physically stronger and mentally tougher for facing challenges. All the students are well supported & guided by Gymkhana Incharge Shri. C. R. Khaire & Shri T. M. Salunkhe. KJSP provides sports facilities like volleyball, carom, TT, Football, Kabaddi, Khokho for all the boys. At the same time sports like Volleyball, box cricket, TT, carom had been arranged for girls.

Message from The Dean

Dear young friends,

At the outset, I would like to congratulate the Winners, Runners and all participants of all co-curricular, extracurricular events - you made us proud. I also congratulate all members of student's forum and the faculty incharge of various committees for the outstanding programmes that were arranged by them throughout the year. Success is one of the most sought things for everybody. A successful person is looked as role model by many and may be envious to many more. People say see how lucky, He is, Had I been equally lucky, I would have been equally successful. But is this always true? God grace which is the other name for luck is definitely most important but what about hard work, dedication etc. In his book on "The story of success" Author Malcolm Bradwell has logically analyzed the various parameters of success, I feel I should share these parameters for benefit of all of us. The time of birth, place of birth, family etc. are important parameters which shape the personality of an individual. But these parameters are not in control of any individual we cannot choose when to be born, where to be born, and to whom we should be born. So, even if these parameters affect success, we cannot control them. So, let us concentrate on those parameters which are in our hands. The first parameter is time spent on the activity in which you desire success. The person may be very gifted but if does not spend time on the activity he may not be able achieve anything. A person may have high IQ, so he can grasp things very fast but if he does not put required time and effort he may not achieve success. On contrary a person with average intelligence & hard work can be a grater achiever. The golden rule is '10,000' hours, which is logical analyzed figure. If you put 10,000 hours, in any activity, you are sure to achieve success. The 10000 rule was instrumental in success of Great Personalities like Bill Gates, Bill Joy etc. So my dear young adults, put in 10,000 hours into any productive activity which you like, you will surely succeed.

The next equally important parameter is practical intelligence. Practically intelligent person knows where to speak, when to speak and what to speak. He sees the result of his communication and then speaks. Suppose a student goes to a faculty with his answer paper and says - "Sir you have given me less marks for this answer and given more marks to my friend". What will be the reaction from faculty? Suppose the same student says - "Sir, please tell me what more should be written for this answer so that I can score full marks". What shall be the reaction in the second case. Practical intelligence helps in guiding through difficult situations.

There is a Chinese saying "A person who wakes up before dawn will always have wealth for this family". Many times wealth is related to maths. A person who relates well to maths is thinking logically. This logical way of thinking helps in distinguishing various situations in life. I know you all love maths - we all are Engineers so maths is on our fingertips so we satisfy this parameter which is important for success. A Chinese farmer who wakes before dawn, cultivates his land with sheer hard work, calculates the amount of grain for a plot of fertile land is sure to have a wealthy family. A student who wakes up before dawn exercise, studies maths & other subjects is sure to get highest marks and knowledge.

I wish all students of our institute a grand success in their life and pray to god. – "God! Give us strength to overcome temptations, difficulties and doubts in order to do your will rather than to do our will" – H. H. Radhanath Swami, The Journey Home.

B. Padmaja


Eminent Faculty Members

A variety of teaching and learning techniques are employed to impart knowledge and skills to students at K. J. Somaiya Polytechnic in its various departments.

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