Career as Commercial Artist

Early Salary

2 - 3 L

Mid Salary

10 - 12 L

Senior Salary

Above 25 L

Academic Pressure


Job Pressure


	Commercial Artist

Applied art or commercial art is used to convey a message. It could mean pushing the miracles of an anti-ageing cream, simplifying and explaining a complex process for readers/viewers, making a user-friendly map for easy navigation, a logo which captures the essence of a company, an amusing animation film, creating for poster, just to give a few examples.

What do they do?

As an illustrator, you might make an illustration manually and scan it for use or use a specific software to do the task. A graphic designer works on creating interesting visual to instill life in a copy. 

He has to use various software like Coreldraw, Adobe Photoshop to name a few to create characters and sketches. As a commercial artist you can choose to work in advertising agencies, design studios, and media outlets, including television channels. Many people freelance. Teaching is also an option.

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Skills Needed

  • Oodles of creativity and imagination
  • Technological savvy
  • General awareness
  • Should be able to feel the pulse of society and should have a fair idea of what will work

How do I get there?

After Class 12, you should go for a BFA programme in applied art, painting, animation or visual communication or even sculpture, depending on your interests and abilities. The programmes are available at College of Arts in many cities. The well-known National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, also provides training in this field. The entry process usually involves an aptitude test. Many private institutes and academies, too, run relevant courses.

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