Embedded Systems Courses

Below mentioned are some of the common and popular subjects offered for study under embedded system courses at the undergraduate level:

  •          Introduction to Embedded Systems
  •          Classification
  •          Characteristics and requirements
  •          Embedded System Design
  •          Timing and Clocks in Embedded Systems
  •          Task Modelling and Management
  •          Real Time Operating System Issues
  •          Advanced Computer Architecture
  •          VLSI Technology and Design
  •          Embedded Computing
  •          Microcontrollers for Embedded System Design
  •          Signals
  •          Frequency Spectrum and Sampling
  •          digitization (ADC, DAC)
  •          Conditioning and Processing
  •          Modelling and Characterization of Embedded Computation System
  •          CPLD and FPGA Architectures and Applications
  •          Hardware Software Co-Design
  •          Digital Signal Processors and Architectures
  •          Embedded Networking
  •          Embedded Control
  •          Control Hierarchy
  •          Communication Strategies for Embedded Systems
  •          Encoding and Flow control
  •          Sensors and Actuators
  •          Wireless Communications and Networks
  •          Network Security and Cryptography
  •          Fault-Tolerance
  •          Formal Verification
  •          Multimedia and Signal Coding
  •          System On Chip Architecture
  •          Wireless LANs and PANs
  •          Decimal Arithmetic
  •          Jump and Call Instructions
  •          Interrupts and Multiple Interrupts
  •          Real - Time Operating Systems
  •          Assembly Language Programming Process
  •          Serial Data Communication
  •          Tasks, Task States and Data
  •          Interfacing with Keyboards, Displays
  •          D/A and A/D Conversions
  •          Multiple Interrupts
  •          Shared Data
  •          Message Queues
  •          Mailboxes and Pipes
  •          Timer Functions
  •          Interrupt Routines in an RTOS Environment
  •          Basic Design Using a Real-Time Operating System Principles
  •          Semaphores and Queues
  •          Hard Real-Time Scheduling Considerations
  •          Saving Memory and Power
  •          An example RTOS like uC-OS (Open Source)
  •          Embedded Software Development Tools
  •          Host and Target machines
  •          Linker/Locators for Embedded Software
  •          Getting Embedded Software into the Target System
  •          Debugging Techniques
  •          Formalisms for System Design
  •          Microcontroller Hardware
  •          Input/ Output Ports and Circuits
  •          External Memory
  •          Counter and Timers Serial data Input/ Output


At the PG Level

Though syllabus varies from college to college, some of the popular subjects studied by students of masters in embedded systems courses include:

Semester 1

  • Embedded System Fundamentals
  • Embedded System Software Development,
  • Hardware Description Languages
  • Embedded Systems Lab
  • Fault Tolerant Digital System Design
  • Introduction to MEMS
  • Data Compression
  • Hardware Algorithms for Computer Arithmetic
  • Reconfigurable Computing
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Digital Communication Systems
  • Digital IC Design


Semester 2

  • Real Time Systems
  • Hardware Software Co-design
  • Design Lab, Algorithms to Architectures
  • Wireless Sensor Network
  • RF Microelectronics
  • Mixed Signal IC Design
  • Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramics Technology
  • Computer Based Control Systems
  • Low Power VLSI Design
  • Digital Signal Processing with FPGAs
  • Embedded Microcontrollers
  • Related Applications

Semester 3

  • Essay/Thesis

Semester 4

  • Essay/Thesis

Below mentioned are the core subjects covered under the masters in embedded systems courses offered by various private institutions, including Birla Institute of Technology (BITS): 

Core Subjects

Embedded System Design                                                          

Real Time Systems                                                                              

Software for Embedded Systems                                                        

Hardware Software Co-Design                                                           

VLSI Architectures                                                                             

Research Practice                                                                                          

Pervasive Computing                                                                            

Reconfigurable Computing                                                                  

Introduction to MEMS                                                                            

Digital Signal Processing                                                                 

Advanced Digital Signal Processing                                                 

Network Embedded Applications                                                      

VLSI Design                                                                                         

Advanced VLSI Design                                                                       

Advanced VLSI Architectures                                                           



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