Mobile Repairing Courses

In general, the syllabus of several institutes offering mobile repairing courses, which comprise topics like Basic Electronics, Practical Trouble Shooting and Digital Electronics cover the following:


History of Mobile Phone

GSM & CDMA Structure & Generation of mobile phone

Frequency & Channels

GPRS, Bluetooth, Infrared

Mobile Phone Assembly & Disassembly

Electronic Components Overview

Chip Level Soldering De-soldering

Parts of Computer/Computer Operating

Driver Installation

Mobile Phone S/W Repairing with coding

Repairing All Type of Software Problem

File Flashing, Set Dead, On/Off, Hang, Restart etc.

All Type Of Unlocking – User Lock, SIM/Country Lock

Online IMEI Repairing

Introduction to Electronics

Charge/Voltage/Types of Current

All Electronics Components Identification testing & their working

Basic Tips for Mobile Phone Hardware Repairing

Section of Mobile Phone/Circuit Diagram Reading

GSM/CDMA/Chinese Mobile Phone Troubleshooting

Introduction of Smart Phones

Describe about Mobile Operating System of I-Phone, Blackberry, Samsung Android Phone

Features of Smart Phones

Identify of I-Phones

Identification of Components

Block Diagram

Fault & Finding

GPRS System & Wi-Fi System

Assembling & Disassembling of Smart Phone

(Flashing, formatting, files Back-up, User Unlocking etc.)

Special Tips & Tricks for Software Service Centre

Phone Upgrading, Jail Break, Country Unlock.

Android Phone root, Pattern lock, flashing.

Blackberry Lock, Flashing Map Problem

Samsung Flashing Hard Reset.

Smart Phone Internet Connectivity.

I-Phone, Android Apps Installation.

Wi-Fi Connectivity in Blackberry

Mobile Repairing Tools

Hardware Problems

Soldering and Desoldering Components


Fault finding & Troubleshooting

Jumpering Techniques

Software Problems (Flashing, Formatting, Unlocking, Use of Secret Codes, Downloading, Bluetooth/Infrared and more)

Internal Spare Parts

Single & Double Band Handsets

Service Provider

Switching Center

Network Tower

Mobile Communication

Mobile Repairing Tools Assistance

Hardware Problems

Mobile Programming

Basic Circuit Board / Motherboard Introduction

Study of Digital Electronics

Details of various components used in mobile phones

Introduction of various software faults

Formatting of virus affected handsets

Circuit tracing, jumpering techniques and solutions

Resistance, Condenser, Ohm's Law

Resistance & Condenser

Magnetism & Inductance

Microphone & Loudspeakers

Classification of Frequencies

Step Up & Step Down Transformer

Half & Full Wave Rectiifier

A. F. Amplifiers

PNP & NPN Transistor

Forward & Reverse Bias

Soldering & Desoldering

Part Testing, Meter Reading

Testing, Voltage Measurement

Fault Finding of Battery Eliminator

Electronics Circuits & Amplifiers

Introduction To Dos & Windows

Network & Its Services

Information About GSM

Introduction About Various Mobile Handset

Working Principle of Mobile

How to use and operate Mobile

Various Features of Different Models

Assembly of Mobiles

Tools & Equipment for Mobile Repairing

Motherboard Repairing & Maintenance

Down Loading/Adding Tunes

Introduction to Internet

Internet Sites For Mobile Software

Business Oriented Information About Mobiles

Commercial Information About Mobiles

Voice Transmission Problem

Voice Reception Problem

Ring Volume & Tone Problem

Dead of Totally Off

No Network

Volume Switch Problem

Flap Problem

Charger Problem

Battery Problem

Dialing Problem

Body Fitting Problem

Week Networking Problem

S.I.M. Card Problem

Display Problem

Water Locking Problem

Locking Problem

Parts of Computer

Computer Operating Driver Installation

Software Repairing

Mobile Phone S/W training with coding

Chinese Mobile Phone Repairing



Types of current

Electronic Components Identification testing & working

Tips for Mobile repairing

Hardware Repairing

Section of Mobile Phones

Circuit Diagram Reading

GSM Mobile Phone Troubleshooting

Chinese Mobile phone Troubleshooting

CDMA Mobile phone Troubleshooting

Practically handset repairing

Tips for service centre

Assembling and disassembling of different types of mobile phones

Use of various tools and equipments

Study of various parts and the motherboard.

How to check spare parts of a phone.

Study of circuit diagrams

Soldering and desoldering of parts and components

Software flashing, formatting and unlocking

Troubleshooting of faults

Fixing of broken screens, charging ports

Water damage repair

Dismantling and assembling of mobile phones

Study of various parts of all cell phones

Use of various tools and equipments

Study of motherboard

Study of PCB layout and circuit diagrams

How to solder various ports

Using SMD rework station.

How to replace broken screens, faulty charging ports, etc

How to troubleshoot faults.

How to use various tools and equipments

Disassembling and assembling of various cell phone models

Study of parts of a mobile handset

Checking of parts and components

Study of motherboard

Study of circuit diagrams of various models

Explanation of various ICs (chips)

Replacing of ICs

How to solder and desolder

Jumper techniques

Replacing ports, connectors, switches, etc.

Replacing cracked screens and LCDs

Software installation

Unlocking of various handsets

Diagnosing and troubleshooting of faults

Training is provided by expert and experienced instructors

Training starts from basic electronics

Less theory, more practical training

Well maintained lab with latest tools and equipments

Comprehensive in-depth syllabus

Advanced chip level repair training

Tips and tricks

Trade secrets

Identification and usage of tools and equipments.

Disassembling and assembling of various models of tablets

Study of parts of tablet PCs

Checking of various parts and components

Study of circuit board and various ICs

Replacing of ICs

Soldering and desoldering.

Replacing cracked screens and LCDs of tablets

Software installation

Fault finding and repairing

Chip level repair of the motherboard

Soldering and desoldering

Installing and upgrading RAM, HDD, processor, etc

Replacing parts, flex cables LCDs

Replacing faulty hinges

BIOS configuration

Installation of Operating System, software and drivers

Other Problem


Also, mobile repairing courses in India offer fundamental educational modules that incorporate all GSM, CDMA and Chinese mobile repair solutions.