Interior Designing Program, Syllabus and Job Prospects

Interior Designing At Undergraduate Level

Diploma in Interior Design - Diploma in Interior Design is perfectly suited to requirements of those who find a full-time degree too lengthy a course to attend.

Syllabus - The subjects taught to Interior Design diploma students include Art & Graphics, CAD, Design, Interior Design Theory and Construction.

Job Prospects - Some worth exploring job profiles for Interior Design diploma holders include AM Interior Design, Draftsman Interior Design, Design Coordinator (Hospitality), Marketing (Interior Designer) and Journalist (Interior Design).

Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design - The BA (Interior Design) course focuses on generating awareness of different interior design principles, space planning, drafting, colour theory and industry-standard software.

Syllabus - During their degree course in Interior Design, students learn the essentials of Interior Design Principles, ID Communication Skills, History of Architecture & Design, Interior Design Practice and Professional Practice.

Job Prospects - After successful completion of their BA Interior Design degree course, students can expect to occupy positions like Product Designers, Space Planners, Event Managers, Facility Managers, Interior Design Consultants and Design Journalists.

Bachelor of Science in Interior Design - B. Sc. (Interior Design) degree course specifically caters to numerous computer-based design specialisations, such as space management, graphic design, 3D design, design software, etc.

Syllabus - The syllabus of B. Sc. (Interior Design) includes Interior Architecture Foundation, Fundamentals of Interior Graphics, Environmental Psychology, Computer Basics, Furniture Design, Concept of Structures, Landscape Design and Professional Practice.

Job Prospects - Some job profiles available for B. Sc. (Interior Design) graduates include Assistant Interior Designers, Facilities Planners, Marketing Managers, Business Development Managers and Executive Purchase (Interior Design).

Bachelor of Design in Interior Design - B. Des. (Interior Design) is just the ideal course for those who wish to learn the ways of utilising their creativity and artistic talent in beautifying residential and office spaces. The particular degree course further branches out into several specialisations, such as Institutional Design, Landscape Design, Residential Design and Business Design.

Syllabus - While pursuing B. Sc. (Interior Design) course, students study Fundamentals of Structures, Freehand Drawing & Geometric Construction, Research Strategies Design Process, Anthropometry & Ergonomics, Technical Drawing & Computer Applications, Advanced Computer Applications and Product Semantics.

Job Prospects - The B. Des. Interior Design job types include Interior Design Publicist, Creative Director, Independent Interior Designer, Theatre Designer, Interior Design Researcher and Technical Designer.

Interior Designing At Postgraduate Level

Postgraduate Diploma in Interior Design - With its focus on introducing students to multidisciplinary skills, such as space, environments, construction and aesthetics, the PG Diploma in Interior Designing enables individuals to explore several career avenues in interior designing.

Syllabus - Several Indian colleges and universities follow the almost identical curriculum for PG Diploma in Interior Design. As part of the diploma course, students learn Construction Techniques, History of Interiors & Furniture, Estimation & Costing, CAD and Elements of Services.

Job Prospects - After PG Diploma in Interior Design, students can have a successful career ahead as Independent Interior Designer, Exhibition Organizer and Private Consultant. 

MBA (Interior Design) - Allowing students to reinforce their analytical and creative capabilities, the MBA in Interior Design course helps students learn different ways to analyse, research and integrate acquired knowledge.

Syllabus - With specialisations, such as Institutional Designing, Landscape Designing, Commercial Designing and Residential Designing, the postgraduate degree course has Managerial Economics, Design Basic Drawing, Computer Applications in Management, Auto CAD, Interior Space Planning, International Business and Professional Practice as its core subjects.

Job Prospects - The job profiles suitable for MBA Interior Design postgraduates include Kitchen Designer, Assistant Professor (Interior Design) and Retail Design Architect.

M. Sc. (Interior Design) - Those with a scientific bent of mind yet décor conscious would find M. Sc. (Interior Design) nothing less than an ideal course to pursue.

Syllabus - The syllabus of M. Sc. (Interior Design) includes Construction Techniques, Design & Drafting, Estimation & Costing, History of Art & Architecture and CAD Design.

Job Prospects - M. Sc. (Interior Design) graduates can occupy positions like Interior Architects, Interior Designers, Builders and Textile Designers.

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