Subjects of Study

While pursuing the B. Des in Fashion Design Course, you will be studying several subjects that have a direct relevance to the field of fashion. The diverse list of subjects will help you gain comprehensive information about the nuances of fashion and its varied processes. Check out the subjects that you are more likely to study in the table featured below:

Table 1): Subjects of study

Serial number



Apparel Construction Methods


Colour Mixing


Computer Aided Design


Elements of Textiles


Fabric Dyeing and Printing


Fashion Illustration and Design


Fashion Studies


History of Costumes


Introduction to Pattern Making and Garment Construction


Leather Designing


Manufacturing Technology


Surface Development Techniques


Textile Science

Skills required for B. Des in Fashion Design Course:

B. Des in Fashion Design Course is a specialised programme. As such, a specific skill set is a requisite on your part.

1.      Creativity

2.      Fashion Sense

3.      Communication skills

4.      Interpersonal skills

5.      Patience

6.      Familiarity with design trends

7.      Self Motivation

8.      Observation

9.      Mindfulness


As the average Indian is getting fashion savvier, the work opportunities for pursuant of B. Des in Fashion Design Course are on the rise. Fashion houses, jewellery chains, leather companies and boutiques in India and beyond are attracting forward-looking professionals with handsome remunerations and perks. You can also wheel in good money working as a freelancer for such fashion houses. With the emergence of fashion media, your career scopes are broadening rapidly.

B. Des in Fashion Design Course can open job avenues in graphic designing. Herein, you will be leveraging on your creativity and knowledge to create engaging graphics for advertisement and marketing contents for all stakeholders of the fashion industry. As the fashion colleges are cropping up rapidly all across India, the need for teachers and instructors is also seeing an upward trend. Additionally, the option to start your own business and run it is also readily available.   


Subsequent to B. Des in Fashion Design Course, you can don any of the profiles mentioned below:

  1. Costume Designer
  2. Production Manager
  3. Graphic Designer
  4. Fashion Writer
  5. Fashion Coordinator
  6. Illustrator
  7. Entrepreneur
  8. Fashion Consultant
  9. Quality Manager
  10. Production Pattern Maker
  11. Sales Representative


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