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If I go for an dietician cource will we be known as Dr and is it a good career option?


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    Dieticians are experts in clinical and nutritional matters. They study people’s diet and try to promote good health by advocating a healthy diet that might differ from person to person. Dieticians work in hospitals, nursing care facilities and physician and health practitioner offices, focusing on patients' health through diet and nutrition.


    You need to clear Registered Dietetics (RD) exam by the Indian Dietetics Association (IDA). You must be a life member of IDA before taking the RD exam. Registration for IDA membership and application forms for the RD exam can be downloaded from the official website of IDA.


    Apart from this, you can only put DR  in your name if you have degree in Medical such as Ph.D, BAMS,BHMS, BPT etc.

    Career as a Dietician






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