About food technology and what are the colleges i canget into


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I want to know what is food technology allbout and if i get a degree what can i work as in companies.


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    Given the economic growth and the influx of tourists visiting India every year, the food industry has seen a massive growth in recent years. The food culture has expanded and demand for hygenically packed and processed food has incresed manifold. The idea is to convert basic food like rice and wheat to edible form along with dairy, confectionary, meat and fish products and fruit and vegetable products hygenically keeping the nutrional value intact. 
    Skills - intelligent, scientific bent of mind, observatory and concentration power, interest in scientific and technological developements and interest in health and nutrition. 
    Eligibility - Many universities in India provide under graduate degree courses in FT as well as post graduate courses. Those appearing for under graduate courses in food technology, food science and home science should have PCM or PCB at 10+2 level. 
    For admission in M.Sc / Management, the candidate should be a B.Sc. Since the work varies, the professionals are taken from different disciplines. Besides this, Home Science graduates or those with higher degrees in Dietetics / Nutrition and Hotel Management graduates (food & beverage) can work as a team in food production industries, marketing, preservation etc. 
    After completing this programme, you can work as a Food Microbiologist, Food Standard Officer, Food Technologist, Food Scientist, Process Engineer, Process Manager and so on.
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