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I m soo confuse about my studies .... my parents said that "tum BSC karo kyu ki engineering me koi scope nahi rakha hai" BT I want to do computer science engineering in Oriental collage bhopal give me some suitable answer about my career like jobs studies and other things.


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    First, you need to understand both courses:

    B.Sc is a three undergraduate programme imparted by various colleges across India. The programme focuses on developing theoretical and research skills and imparts a platform to make a successful career in science field.

    On the other hand B.Tech is a four-year undergraduate engineering programme which imparts practical knowledge in fields like mechanical, civil, electrical, computer science and so on. B.Tech programme imparts technical knowledge and more professional in nature compare to other programmes.

    If you find yourself extremely passionate and skilful in the engineering field, only then you should convince your parents about making a career in Engineering.

    Oriental Institute of Science & Technology imparts B.Tech, M.Tech and MCA Course

    Oriental College of Engineering imparts B.Tech and M.Tech course in Various Specialisation

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