ba in filmmaking or ba in advertising

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I wanted to.know that Bachleor of mass media is better or bachleor of arts in film media production.. Which will be best for me as i wanted to be a writer/author


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    Bachelor of Mass Media is a three-year course, which is offered by various colleges across India. The programme imparts knowledge in subjects like advertising, communication, Electronic media, Print media, media writing, media management, media production and so on.


    Bachelor of Arts in Film and Production is also a part of Mass communication but in few colleges/universities imparts as a separate course. The course mostly focuses on film making subjects such as cinematography, editing, sound design etc.


    However, you have mentioned in your query that you are interested in writing. So we suggest you to go for Bachelor of Mass Media course.


    Bachelor of Mass Media Colleges in India


    Careers after Class 12th in Journalism & Mass Communication



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