b.sc food and dairy technology

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I interested in food and dairy technology,can you please tell me about career opportunities and college or university available for that course.


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    Hi Banu,


    Given the economic growth and the influx of tourists visiting India every year, the food industry has seen a massive growth in recent years. The food culture has expanded and demand for hygenically packed and processed food has incresed manifold. The idea is to convert basic food like rice and wheat to edible form along with dairy, confectionary, meat and fish products and fruit and vegetable products hygenically keeping the nutrional value intact.



    Skills - intelligent, scientific bent of mind, observatory and concentration power, interest in scientific and technological developments and interest in health and nutrition.


    You can follow the links below to know about the colleges offering food and dairy technology courses in India-


    Food Technology Colleges in India


    Diary Technology Colleges in India



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