B.Sc-IMS from SMU, Specialized in Networking & Servers.

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Started By Arpit Arora, 2 years, 2 months ago


Hello , 

I'm little bit confused about my career what should I opt for my masters after my graduation gets completed in this year.So let me tell about myself, I took commerce in my 10th and so on continued the same till 12th, Then after completing my schooling I took admission into Sikkim Manipal University through IIHT in B.Sc-IMS Course which is of 3 years, and in this course I opted 2 subjects for my carrer prospective which is Networking & Microsoft Servers. Now the question is after completing my graduation which master course should I join in which I can further continue my specialization in these two subjects and can get a better placement. I'm confused because every college or university I searched for in these Networking they want a BE/B.Tech Student. And for which all Entrance Exams should I start Preparing ?? Or If i have option can i apply in foreign countries for master for specifically these subjects ??


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