Career in IT industry

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What r the skills required to have a great career in an IT industry?


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    I think there are many different aspects to work upon, you should take a look "infographic how to ride high in the turbulent global it landscape."

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    A degree or diploma in the field of IT sector is very fruitful but to become an IT sector professional, you need following skills:-


    • Right attitude
    • Empathic communication skill
    • Leadership and team building capability
    • Negotiating talent
    • Time management and multitasking ability
    • Problem-solving capacity
    • Creativity
    • Competitiveness
    • Flexibility
    • Strategic thinking
    • Socializing skill
    • Motivation talent
    • Decision-making ability
    • Active listening and participating capability
    • Proactive attitude
    • Willingness to be a good worker
    • Positive work ethics
    • Desire to learn and be trained




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